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    The knight has some beautiful material work going on...the shiny helmet and cloth textures are outstanding. I assume you will have this guy at Adepticon this week for us tolook at.

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    Thanks KB, it will definitely be at Adepticon. I got a sneak peak of a few other artist's bust CB entries this year and goddamn the competition will be ridiculous this year.

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    Here's where we're at, with only a few days left 'til Crystal Brush:

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    Speechless...the textures are amazing. I'd love to be able to see this in person. Awesome job! Best of luck at The Brush!

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    Go make me proud derek!!!!!!

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    This is a solid entry. I wish you the best.

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    It's a beautiful piece Derek.

    The textural work on the tabard is absolutely spot on, as are the metals (specifically the gold work on the horse crest).

    I'm not a huge fan of the reflective scenery approach, tend to think it takes away from the beutiful NMM work - but thats just my personal preference to that style of painting - you have nevertheless executed it all brilliantly.

    What a return!

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    Thank you all, glad you like it! I took a photo against a white backdrop to test it since CB uses a light backdrop and not a dark one like I use. If I'm lucky enough to make the cut I think it should do well in the photos.

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    Exceptional! But I do not understand the sword crossguard, to it greatly differs in style from the other parts of the mini. Do you plan to work some more on it?

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    Some really impressive use of material here. Crossing fingers!

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    I worked on everything until about an hour before I handed it in. I kept the style of the crossguard the same but tried to soften the transitions of light and shadow.

    The final pics are up on P&P right now, they should be on CMON later today.

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    This knight really looked awesome in the cabinet. Definitely work to be proud of.

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    Did I miss this in the CB voting or HOW did this NOT make the cut??? Honest here, I didn't see it in the voting, but it was all jacked up on my computer too. That helmet is simply amazing and the surcoat/tabard looks like you actually put velvet cloth on the figure

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    Thanks for the kind words, guys. Glad you like it.
    eki, there was no glitch, I didn't make the cut.

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    Superb bust you have here. I would be very proud should I ever be able to get a result like yours. Went to P&P and gave it what it deserves : gold!!!



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    Really outstanding work! Thumbs up!!!

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    You know my thoughts on “crystal shades” or “crystal broken” Orr “crystal BUST” this piece makes me consider possibly Venturi g i to NMM!!!

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    That is a shame. I honestly think that yours was better than quite a few I saw in the voting.

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