What NMM Gold paint set would you recommend?
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Thread: What NMM Gold paint set would you recommend?

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    Default What NMM Gold paint set would you recommend?

    Hey there folks.
    Basically I'm looking to try my hand at NMM Gold, and I'm wondering what paint set would you recommend for this.
    I'v heard good things about the Scale 75 set, is it decent or are there better ones out there?

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    Basically I'd recommend no sets as they are not needed at all (you need just like 4 browns going from an off-white through a yellow-brown to some dark brown), but if you really want one, then the Scale75 one is the best out there at the moment.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    if you want to take a look, I know that Reaper came out with a 4 or 5 color combination for nmm gold, but I have never used it so can't say how good it is

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    i dont know about paint sets but individual colors with a wash does wonders. base coat it orange, layer some yellow, wash with agrax earthshade, apply another layer of yellow, then highlight with bone white and really small highlight with pure white for edges and corners.

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