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    Looks like you hit that zenithal under lighting spot on! Great hot and cold contrast going on....looking forward to seeing this one progress

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    Thanks Hairster, it is a privilege to have you chime in on this project.

    As I think about the project thus far, I’ve come to the realization that I’ve hit somewhat of a ceiling as far as my skill level goes...I can see what I’d like it to look like, but I’m really unsure of what the next step should be. Anyone have some wisdom they’d like to share? I think the next course of action would be to darken the blue sections, as well as the deeper shadows under his chins. Then bring back highlights to white on things to increase the contrast and the dynamic style I feel this sculpt deserves.


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    This is looking superb DaBeebs! Did you hit the lighter spot with an airbrush or was this brush-only work?
    As for what steps to do next, the only thing I can say is more contrast

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    This is by far the greatest display of leveling up by a painter in the history of cmon.

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    Wow, thanks everyone...but it ain't done yet, so there's always room for me to jack it up. lol

    Gorb, it's really been a mix of airbrush and brush; blocking in the gradient with the airbrush, and then refining different things with a brush. I agree that there needs to be more contrast; the dark tones need to be darker, and that will make the other values pop more. Then I can bring in some hot spots to really polish things up. Problem is, the mechanics of what I think needs to be done. Do I attempt to glaze the shadows darker, or do I filter with a thinned wash? Do I use an umber (like seraphim sepia) to darken the blue (orange being it's compliment), or do I use black, or purple? To add more shade to the orange/red tones, do I use the sepia, or do I use a red/magenta ink? Wash? Glaze? This is where my lack of experience cripples my motivation...I just don't know what is the "right" thing to do from this point. lol

    So, with all that being said, anyone have suggestions?

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    You are clearly giving it some deep thought, alright! I say, just don't get analysis paralysis
    If I were you, I'd choose whichever of the options you think will work best, then give it a go. You may mess it up, but you may just as likely have a happy little accident!!!

    Anyways, that's my $0.02. I'll see myself out while the real masters here give you better advice...

    And whatever you decide to do I look forward to seeing the results

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    Looking terrific, bud. Agree about the contrast. I’d probably not use the sepia shade, as the warm/cool contrast you have working is really eye-catching and I think you want to reinforce that if you can. Don’t deaden the blues, either, so... purple is my vote. Keep it up!

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    I agree with toad and gorb- use the purple to keep in league with the cool/warm(great article about this on toad chapel ) and as far as the mechanics whichever you feel most comfortable with- this kinda thing is all about the order of operations. So use which order your confident with.

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    Well done on the work so far, it's looking amazing already

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    Calling this one DONE! A lot of new concepts attempted on this piece. Learned a lot. Had a lot of fun, and a few frustrating moments, but kept on going. If I were to paint this one again, I would have changed the order of operations, as I found there were a few times that I had to redo something because the following step covered up a really cool feature. I've uploaded this one for voting, and am excited to see what everyone else thinks of it.

    As always, comments, critique, and suggestions are appreciated!

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    I’m so this is like not only your best but better than anything I’ve seen in the last week!!!! Totally gorgeous.

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    Great job on this. That glow effect looks freakin awesome!

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    The snakeskin pattern on the cobra tail is off the charts.

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    Congratulations DaBeebs! This piece looks phenomenal! The glow is fantastic.

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    OSL is very good. Looks like he's next to a magma lake.

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    Exceptional work on that latest figure mate... the OSL is on point. A very nice job all round. Great work!!!

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    I love the final result. Nice job. rReally credible.

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    I'm really glad to see such sensational work on Cerberus! The sculpt looked amazing and you really brought out its potential. I can't wait to give it a 10 so wrap it up quickly and post it in your gallery! I'm looking forward to seeing your next project because as BAM said, you just keep getting better and better!

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    Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and compliments. Been away on family camping vacation, so really haven't jumped into anything new...did finish repainting my Lord of Contagion. Contemplating whether or not to crunch in a piece for Everchosen (really just want to take part in it, for the sake of saying I put something in the ring). I've got a Lord of Plagues that's sitting in primer, just asking for some brush love. Or maybe a Skaven entry?
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