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    Thanks for all the responses!

    It's funny how in-grained the mini community is to looking for, and admiring, NMM. I really wasn't shooting for NMM like the "candy apple ultramarine" in another post (I only dream of brush skills like that). I just wanted to take a crack at painting a decent space marine, and had a couple left over from a project with my son and the neighbor boy. On self examination, I agree that the first was too rough on the blends, and didn't really produce the *Shazam* response I was looking for. The second still has a way to go, to be on par with majority of the awesome SM's on this site, but mapping out the contrast worked for me. Through some prep work, I was able to more closely achieve what I saw in my head for the end result. Kuribo, Thank you for all the wonderful advice, the resource to learn, and the example that you gave of your own work. After attempting the 2nd guy, I agree that the best approach to the soft transitions in the armor is through glazing, and is something I will plan for on the next SM I try to lather in color. In the meantime, here is an update on the viking...tomorrow I'll blast him with some matte varnish, and then grab some more contrast through oil washes. Now I just have to figure out a base to put him on...snow seems like the norm, but I think that there aren't enough cool colors in the palette to work with the snow. Forest/trees would be cool, but I'm running out of available free-time to invest more time into sculpting the trees. More than likely, I'll just throw down some dark earth dirt, cover with some leaf litter, and glue on some tall grass stalks?
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    Nice work on this one, especially the purple glazes.

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    Nice bud! I hate doing bases, I want to invest 0 time on em! That is why I am doing busts.

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    All done. I seem to have more fun, and accomplish a better job on these cheap reaper minis, as opposed to the high dollar models that I struggle to turn out to my satisfaction. Maybe I psych myself out about 'em? lol Makes me a little nervous to start tackling the finer models I have waiting in the wings. Either way, I played around with more of the contrast mapping, as well as, used 2 main colors mixed in every other variant of the same color group (saw a YT video about atmosphere color selection that was interesting). I think I could have pushed the contrast more with the leather and the boots, but overall, I'm happy with it. The base was simple, just like I stated before. I really liked the posture of the model when I started, but upon completion, it turns out to be somewhat of a negative aspect. The way the helmet covers his face lessens the impact of emotion and movement.


    Now I just have to decide to try and start another project, or will work and summer projects take priority?

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    This came out really well, love the different shades you have around the mini to help break it up and differentiate (sp) all the varies cloth parts. Well done

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    Pretty nice result, I like how you kept the various colors relatively close and yet every part of the figure is easy to read. Nice job.

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    Very nice blending on amor and skin tones.
    I'd say level up for your painting skill :-) Looking forward to see more!

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    Lovely painting, it has a 'warm' feel running through the entire colour scheme
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Thank you all, I appreciate the feedback.
    On to the next little piece...Sigmar3's got me eyeballing my RagingHeroes nuns. Here's a trail map of what I'm going to try to do with this one. Progress is going to be rather slow compared to the other projects, as the warmer weather just begs for me to be in the garage, or fishing with the family, and I think I'm going to attack this one with a lot more glazing than anything else I've done. 1st pic is the contrast map I've generated with photos (really high contrast), and the 2nd is a color palette concept test. The trickiest part I see going into this, is I want a sheer white body suit, relatively transparent. I've been reading up on posts for how to accomplish this, but I may be aiming too high for my current skill-set. I think the juxtaposition of a "lady of the cloth" and the "gun totin' harlet" are kind of cool. I picture the base looking something like a marble lined floor, shell casings laying all about, with maybe a little pool of blood on the edge of the scene (you can't tell what she took down, but you know it happened). I might even try some wool/cotton to create a smoke trail from the barrel of the raised pistol. Open to suggestions as to where to find resources to do this effectively, or maybe I'm going about it all wrong, and you have a better suggestion; either way....suggestions/comments/critiques are always welcome!
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    Can't wait to see you start these, and have to impressed with your colour test! If I had those skills I'd probably never actually paint anything and just do that!

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    Go for it. I love the concept and the worst thing that could happen is that you learn something new.

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    Armed little red riding hood. Stage is yours :-D

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    Third time painting her this week. Best results so far. I can get the flesh tone really well, but when I go to emulate a fabric over, I end up over doing the glazing. Then I try to pull back the skin tones, and then back and forth. This round, I should have stopped on the desaturation of the skin tone 2 layers ago. Have had fun painting the red though. Tried a couple of things through the different versions with the red. Attempt 1 had white edge highlights that were too much. Attempt 2 had glazing to orange that didn't look too great. Attempt 2.5 had yellow highlights that just didn't work for this, so I took them back to blood red. Had to buy some new brushes at the local craft store, 1x 18/0, and 1x 5/0, just so I could get the eye even remotely right. Overall, I'm thinking that I chose the wrong technique for this model, as there are only a few minute spots were her spandex bunch up or are away from her skin. White apparently is actually pretty hard to do, as I learned on a youtube video, and through my own experience. Add to it, that I'm trying to push WAY too far above my current skill-set, and the above is what you get. Still enjoying the hobby, but I think I'm pushing too hard, and need to go back to the basics to get a better foundation under me. I'll wrap this one up with some basing, and then I'll post some camera photos.

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    Good effort, and you aren't a million miles away. I think you did a good job and practice makes perfect. It's good to push your skills even if you think it's far above your current level...which I don't think it is. You are close. Maybe it just needs some more white parts near the stomach and thighs? Just a bit more of an idea that she has the shear fabric on. But still, good progress

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    Viking (or whatever he is) looks really good. Even with all those similar tones everything is well defined, nice job painting that one. The Battle Sister is coming along nicely, one critique it looks like you might have gotten the primer a little rough as it seems kind of too textured on the skin. But the sheer effect looks like it is coming along very well.

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    Glad to hear that video helped, Beebs! I really like that dwarf. In my opinion, it is a really fresh take on that type of character. There is a lot to be proud of on it from the color choice to the highlights.

    It is a shame the surfaces on that RH mini aren't smoother as I think it would make the work you've done even more impressive. What you're trying to do on that mini is really ambitious and you deserve a lot of credit for trying it. I unfortunately don't have any advice I can offer but I will be watching to see what happens with it!

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    Thank you all for the encouragement, and I'm glad that the dwarf/viking is being received as well as it has (makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere with this painting thing).

    Not going to lie, I'm pretty frustrated with the Sister...I can see the project in my head, I just can't get the mojo to work. I think I'll strip it one last time, and see if I can do to the sink I go! Stay tuned.

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    Keep at it, it looks really good! I think you can pull it off, just work in steps. If it really starts to bug you, put it down and go to a different mini for a little while.

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