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    Mr. Nurgle is looking really good so far! I like the different colors you selected

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    Great start, some nice base colours to start things off.

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    Pretty stoked...Everchosen Bronze for my 1st competition entry! Difference of 3 votes between Gold and my entry. Kind of miffed about the “popular vote” aspect of it (I’m not one of the regulars in the store), but I didn’t expect much going into it. I however, see the opportunity for some really stellar work to be ranked below it’s appropriate slot #HairsterWasRobbed.
    Thanks to you guys for this achievement; all of your input, inspiration, and motivation has allowed me to take part in something that I really enjoy being a part of! Now, time to go back to the table, and (in the words of BaM) “level up!”
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    Nice work on the bronze.... and yes this competition was always going to be sketchy... more of a popularity contest than anything.

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    Congrats Beebs! Its nice to see someone working hard and improving their skills get recognition. I'm looking forward to seeing your next project

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    Congratulations on the bronze Beebs! While there probably was hijinxs going on with some of the stores voting, ahem...#hairsterwasrobbed....cough, cough...I don't think any contest is technically without its faults as we saw from the last Crystal Brush. There is always going to be an element of personal preference over complete objectivity at any of these for picking winners.

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    Congrats on the competition. It really is a nice piece.

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    Been chugging along with the King of Ruin (credit to Lester B's YT Video for the inspiration). Also working on LGS "Battle of the Brushes" entry in between painting sessions. I'm not sure this is the right guy for this base, the flow of motion seems off? I'm intending to add some "flowing" green ooze out of the pipe.
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    Congrats on the bronze
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Congrats my man!!!

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    Big congrats on that Bronze!

    great start on the CC mini and the Skaven too - keep us posted!

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    The skaven is cool and the other guy is rather disgusting.

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    Awsome work as always.

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    I think that Skaven looks pretty good. It looks like he is ready to defend the sewers! That other guy is the stuff of nightmares and I'm scared to see you put more paint on him I'll be following these projects with interest!

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    Skaven is looking great and so is that big Nurglie fella!

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    Great work on the nurgle demon, loving it. Skaven is nice too, really enjoying your progress

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