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    I like the night gobos, like the way you did the bottle on the drinking guy!

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    I have to agree with everyone else, the Gobbos look great and that Cerberus sculpt looks amazing. Can't wait to see how you get on with it!

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    Nicely done my friend- good looking irks.

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    Thank you all for the compliments! I've been extremely busy with work lately (traveling to assess operations is just a drain), so haven't been as engaged in everyone else's posts. Here are some things I have been working on...
    Stripped and repainted a Blightbring from the set I got in December.
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    Then cranked out this warjack.
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    Then this warjack.
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    At first, I was thinking about painting the whole battle box as a unit. But considering I don't play Warmachine, I figured it was an opportunity to experiment with different color combinations, and learn some high contrast techniques before I approach the Cerberus. I think I'm going to go with a black/purple/blue motif on the backside of Cerberus, and attempt some really strong OSL on the underside of him, implying him standing over the fires of Hell. Pretty hefty goal, but I think it'll be worth the stretch if I can pull it off. Stay tuned!

    As always comments/critiques are greatly appreciated!

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    The Blightbringer looks fabulous, I like the red cloth shading, and the bone & weathered metal look sweet.
    Also, the glowing green bits are great!
    Not sure about the nurgling on his shoulder though, I think he could do with some more color and contrast. My $0.02

    The warjacks are great too. I love the sculpting on these, they are awesome!

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    The Nurgle guy is great, really like the weathering and diseased look you've achieved

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    Nice idea to do some colour experiments.
    I'd say the orange green combination has high potential to be used further :-)

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    Here is one I've wrapped up tonight. Pretty happy with the color choices, and I enjoyed the different approach to laying down the color. With this model, I started with just the black primer. Then worked from the black shadow, glazing up to the highlights. I kept contrast in mind while I painted. The TMM could have turned out better, but with just coating the base color then adding washes; you get what you give LOL. Really liking my homebrew texture paint for the base, but next go round, I will leave off the wash and just go with the natural aggregate shadows. Next time I've got the camera out, I'll take some proper pictures.
    Name:  IMG_0545 (1).jpg
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    Opinions on what I could do better the next go round would be appreciated!

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    I really am digging that color scheme- excellent beebs. Way to work.

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    Name:  IMG_0548 (1).jpg
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    Here we go! Wish me luck on this one! Base coat for the blue tones. After I get some more of the highlight values mapped in with a brush, I think I'll hit the underside with the red/orange glow beneath to start mapping out that effect. Suggestions on concepts to keep in mind, or resources to look at before I move forward with this attempt? I've been using a photo of Cerebus that I found online, along with a great example of fire glow by Roman Gruba on P&P ("We Should Fight Them"), as references for what I'm attempting.

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    Nice start. Can’t wait!!!!!!

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    You got this! and great looking mini too!

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    Name:  IMG_0549 (1).jpg
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    Tonight's work.
    Advice needed; should I start blocking in the red tone glow underneath, or start working on glazing back down the blue tones first?

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    Nice start off. I‘d suggest to go first with the red.

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    Name:  IMG_0553 (1).jpg
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    Tonight's work.
    Airbrushed the underside glow starting at with dark red, then an orange, then a yellow, and finished with a yellow tinted white on the chins. Took some blue wash and airbrushed last night's highlights down, and then took an ivory white and ever so slightly tickled the highlights back up.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

    Next session, I'll start adding in some of the details. Then when I'm happy with those, I'll color filter those along with the OSL. After all that's done, I'm planning on pulling the highlights on both light sources back up.

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    Looks like you have some cool & ambitious plans for Cerberus. I’ll be watching with interest.

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    for just being the start of your work, it is looking really good. I really like the effect you have on the underside so far.

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    Waaaay coool BEEBS !!! I can tell already this will be such an amazing eyeful when dine- just remember you heard it from BaM first hand!!!!!!

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    Really like the color choices on the pre-Cerberus models. Experimenting with colors is always a great idea and you never know where it will lead you. This next project though is incredibly exciting and ambitious. I'll keep keeping a close eye on this thread for more updates as that is an incredible sculpt!

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