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    Default Chronicle of DaBeeb's

    Although I am a bit intimidated by some of the fantastic work I've seen on this site, I figure that everyone starts somewhere; so I might as well join the crowd, and add my work in the mix. My intention is to solicit as much feedback as I can get, as well as, chronicle my own work from where I start, to where I can hopefully get to. A second set of skilled eyes can often point out things that ignorance looks blissfully past.

    I've only recently started painting miniatures, received my Dark Imperium set in December, but painting these little guys has provided me a vehicle back into my creative self, long lost since reaching adulthood. I enjoy what I'm doing, and I find a competitive streak in myself, pushing to want to create the experiences of amazement that I feel when looking at the work created by masters of the minis.

    Let me preface my presentation of work, with a notion of gratitude towards those that would be willing to share with me some of the knowledge that they have earned through their experiences. Thank you for your time, and thank you for your guidance.
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    Marine #3 in the line-up was me messing around with a Biel-Tan shade over the DG Green. Felt that was just a little too green for my taste.
    Marine #1 in the line-up was heavy on layers; my 1st attempt at wet blending. I liked the effect, just felt that it was too dark for the contrast I was after.
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    1st attempt at basing, including finally putting my blight haulers on their bases.

    Also, 1st attempt at properly lighting and photographing my work...sunshine, 5000k light, and basic background.

    Thoughts, guidance, critique? Let me know what you think.

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    Along with a Typhus and a Blightspawn currently sitting in primer, I've assembled a Reiknar the Grimhailer that I think I'm going to approach with the following color palette:
    Name:  New Project (1).jpg
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    My level of painting is below yours, so I have nothing to suggest re: painting technique. But I wonder if your photography would benefit from (1) having a solid background (larger single piece of paper instead of multiple pieces of printer paper) and (2) indirect natural lighting rather than such stark light and shadows?

    Color palette looks amazing!

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    Good photo advice, Bob!

    Loving the colors and I don't see any glaring mistakes, DB. Nurgle can be very forgiving for trying out different recipes and techniques too. They look better when there's some slight variations. Looking good!

    On the basing, I'd avoid having your material go too much beyond the base rim to avoid measuring issues in game. Otherwise, they look really good as well!

    If I'd had the Internet and sites like this 30+ years ago perhaps my first stuff would have been this good as well!

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    Dr. Bob, Thank you, and I agree on all points. I 3d printed a backdrop bracket shortly after I snapped these, and intend to go purchase some heavy stock paper this weekend. I have also been eyeballing the light in my house, during the few hours of sun I get to see, looking for the prime spot to get the right amount/angle of light on things.

    CBS, Thank you. The nurgle colors, and over-all aesthetic has certainly aided me in my endeavors; mistakes aren't nearly as noticeable as I imagine they would be with a Primaris Marine. I was just eyeballing Foxtail's "break" from the Renegade paint, and drooled on myself. I agree with the basing extending beyond the rim; I truly forgot that gaming was the intended purpose of these things.

    The internet has been a huge help with learning what the basic principles are to painting miniatures, however, learning to apply those principles is an entirely different thing. That fact is what has prompted me to enter into this forum, to get feedback and guidance towards learning to competently apply those principles.

    Again, Thank you both for taking the time to give me your opinion; I'm finding that this place is rather welcoming to newbies, which only helps get more people involved.

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    That's the awesome thing about being new, everybody was new once so they know how you feel! I'm continually amazed at the atmosphere of camaraderie on here, even at the level of competition for real cash!
    Good luck on your paint journey, it will be nice to see how you progress! Remember, everyone is at their own stage along the same road, do not compare your work with others, compare your current work with your previous.

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    Great job on these. What I have to add...hmmm not much but try this -try to get familiar with color theory. It’s as important as learning your technical skills. There’s a book by Betty Edwards called”color theory” lol . Or get a color wheel and get familiar with the terms used in miniature painting. COMPLIMENTERY colors, primary colors,analogous colors, Triadic schemes, quadratic schemes, etc etc. Start to use these concepts of color theory in your painting. For example red is a COMPLIMENTERY color of green(so when you shade your greens using a deep red wash will look much more aesthetically pleasing then you just using a dark green) !!!

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    Took all the "lessons" to heart and dug into videos, articles, examples, and even broke out my old color-wheel. I found an image of the grimhailer I've got put together, and quickly Photoshopped the revised limited color scheme. Thoughts?
    Name:  grimhailer.jpg
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    I really want to push the shadow values of the purple closer to black, and with the armor/tack, I see a metallic, but weathered, brass.
    Color Theory:
    key color= green (my main focus is the flames)
    split complimentary colors= violet and red (in this exercise, red, leans more toward darker values for leather appearance)

    To be honest, I'm a little worried that this is going to end up looking very similar to the "Grave Digger" monster truck. But I feel that the flames in the hexwraith flame, are what these nighthaunts were designed around. I really don't care for the box art directed color palette, so I've been working on this variation. Open to any and all suggestions. Thanks!

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    That’s the spirit . Now your cooking with gasoline!!!

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    TBH I would call your colors Orange (brown, rust and bone) and Violet mains, with green spot colors.

    Waiting for the result...

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    You should really check out Graishak's WIP. He just finished a similar ghostly project with green spookiness all over it!

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    I saw in my WIP your questions - answered those yesterday :-)
    Feel free to drop more if needed.

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    Still in the planning phase of my grimhailer, so it'll be a minute before I commit to the colors. I'll keep you in mind if I have any questions.

    In the meantime, got to my Blightspawn yesterday...wife even helped on the Nurgle for the base(pictures of that later).
    I do have to give credit to Brush&Boltgun, as that is where I got the color ideas from. Mine is not an exact reproduction of his, but I feel he deserves the credit.
    Name:  IMG_0214.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_0220.jpg
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    I still think I'm applying the paint too heavy on things like the skulls/corpse heads, as the detail gets lost after I start adding layers after the shade wash. Used my airbrush to lay the base coat, and tried not to over do the "rust streaks" like I did with the blight haulers.

    Question, comments, critique?

    Next up....Typhus!
    Anyone have recommendations/tips on what they would have done differently with their Typhus? I'm applying the same color scheme as used here, but hoping to make some of the cooler details *pop* more.

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    Love it all man, great job and nice work. The color scheme is wicked! Really love the job you did on the track of that nurgle 3 wheeler thing. Keep it coming!

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    Broke out the airbrush tonight, and did some work.
    Name:  IMG_0232.JPG
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    Hi DB! My advice for a relatively new painter achieving this level of quality?... You're already making fantastic progress so keep with it. I know you are watching and learning from (and supporting... which is much appreciated!) other WIPs, and like Graishak said above feel free to post questions on mine. I see collaboration as a sound investment... if you keep learning at this speed I'llI soon be the one posting questions!

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    I’d suggest taking my advice with a grain of salt, but you could highlight some more around the chest crack and lighten those edges a bit and darken the recesses on his head. I think you are already better than me lol.

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    Thanks to everyone cheering me on, and the advice I have received has been very helpful!
    Worked this weekend on Typhus...
    Name:  IMG_0233.jpg
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    Overall, I'm happy with how he came out. If I were to do another one, I certainly would attempt NMM, as I keep finding that the metallic paints just aren't believable enough when compared to the other paints. For me, once thinned enough not to cake up the details, metallic's no longer work for coverage. Might be doing something wrong, but it gives me a good excuse to start playing around with NMM. Airbrushing the base color, and then blocking in general shade areas and highlights worked wonders for me. I still need to find the sweet spot for thinning the paint, and the pressure through the brush (my previous airbrushing experience was with automotive paints/pressures), as I created an orange peel texture on the surface of the model. As a side note, I have officially become one of the "Paint eater" crowd, and find myself licking the brush off, 'cause when your trying to wet blend, that cup and towel are just too far away. lol Now, I just have to put Typhus and the Blightspawn on some their bases. I'm excited to integrate some Nurgle's Rot in the bases, as I mixed up my own bottle of the stuff.

    Thoughts? Comments? Critique?

    Just around the bend... assembly and gap filling of a Creature Caster Lord of Virulence (proxy for my Nurgle Prince), and base coating the Grimhailer.

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    Yo Beebs! Looking good man. I’m in the same boat on metallics and thinning them. Haven’t found a solution yet though. I think you already addressed your main issue with that model being the texture from the airbrushing. I still can’t airbrush for shit so can’t help ya there either lol. Looks good though and i’d be happy with it either way. I don’t like it as much as your other nurgle things, but it may just be the colors and my red/green deficiency. I think the cloth wraps came out looking badass though. Good stuff!

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    Solid work beebs .

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