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    So far so good, I would add some oil washes/streaks, e.g. after varnishing dotting small dark oil paint patches on the mini, then carefully pulling them down with a bigger, soft damp brush (soaked in odorless oil thinner). I found it a quick and easy way to add weathering to a mini...

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    Well brothers, this is the perfect opportunity for me to show solidarity... I can't airbrush for shit either!!

    Sound advice from LL re oils, however do some testing first to check drying times, I bought cheap oils for weathering a tank, I then left (forgot about) the tank for months, after which the oils still hadn't dried! (but I suspect I just got what I paid for).
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    odorless oil thinner? The Amphetamines are the best part! At least for shits and giggles! On a more serious note. What exactly are you referencing? I’d like to try that out as it sounds awesome.

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    LL, That's a great suggestion...I bought some liquitex matte varnish, winsor and newton oil paints, and blick odorless thinner last month for an upcoming model; I'll have to break the stuff out and try your suggestion on this one. Thanks!

    I've also been looking at it, and I've decided that the eyes on the nurgling aren't up to my expectation, so I'll re-do those when I get the chance, as well as, changing up some of the metal bits on his loin cloth (all of them being silver just doesn't look right to me.)

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    OK, tonight I painted the nurgling's eyes and face 4 times trying to get the eyes to look the way I pictured them. After the last attempt, I tapped out. I just couldn't get the brush to do what I wanted it to do, in the small space of the eye socket. In the end, I just threw down some shade wash. The light tones I was using previously are very muted under the wash. Moving on. lol
    I then attacked the metal bits on his loin cloth, and then tweaked the scythe a little bit. After I let it dry, I hit it with the liquitex matte varnish, mixed 1:1 with liquitex aribrush medium, and a couple of drops of flow aid (premixed dilution). I dig the matte coat, and now that I know how it behaves, I could see using it's properties to an advantage. Unfortunately, the matte does bring out the orange peel texture a little more.
    I'll let the varnish cure, and then start experimenting with the oil washes/weathering tomorrow night.
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    Death guard and anything Nurgle are some of my favourite miniatures. I really like the metal and the shading of them. The colour scheme you have chosen looks good.

    Just a thought though. If you are going to go with oil or enamel streaking and washes just be mindful of the orange peel texture as the wash will accentuate that if it’s deep enough. Of course you could clean those areas with a cotton bud with just enough thinner to dampen it slightly. Have a look around armorama or other military modelling sites for tutorials on weathering with oils if you want more information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StephanW0lf View Post
    odorless oil thinner? ... What exactly are you referencing? I’d like to try that out as it sounds awesome.
    Hi Stephan, Oil paint streaking... this is the first tutorial I happened to find and is quite a good demo.
    Hi DaBeebs... Winsor and Newton... forget my warning re cheap oils (you are a wiser man than me!)
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    Bullfrog, thanks for the compliments, and the advice.
    Doc, that video was helpful...and to be honest, I grabbed the W&N because they were on sale at my local Blick Art Supply (got lucky that day, despite the $100 bill I gave the girl behind the counter).

    Here's what I pulled off tonight. After using the oil wash, I was so tempted to go over the whole thing, but decided that less is probably more in this case. I really did enjoy the way the wash was working, the weathering was awesome to do, and the ability to "erase" was really liberating. I can surely see using the oil paints more in the future. Thanks to everyone for the guidance! Tonight, I've got 2 bases primed...stay tuned!
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    This looks great! I dig the streaking you achieved on his belly, for example.
    And there is a lot of contrast between the browns and steel to bring out the detail.

    In my opinion:
    The fingers on his hands look a bit low contrast, maybe they can do with a dark wash to deepen the spaces between the fingers?
    And his eye could maybe be brighter, because the frog(?) on his hip steals my attention away from his face.

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    Thanks, everyone. With the eyes being so small, and the white vs green, I’m worried I’ll end up darkening the area around the eyes too much. Any advice on how to increase the focal draw to the eyes? I’ll hit the fingers lightly tonight.

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    I would highlight the nurgling with the armor color, and it will unify him/her/it with the marine, furthermore this will desaturate him.
    Then you can use the nurgling strong green skin tone for the eyes, highlighting them white, unifying the marine with the nurgling.

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    I kinda like the burgling with the desaturates/saturated contrast. Personally I think he Really stands apart but not enough where he becomes focal. IMHO he has a perfect Color contrast. That’s just me though
    small white dots on the eyes should help. If it’s too stark then add a waywatcher green glaze.

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    After learning about the oil paint effects, I matte varnished the Blighspawn and gave him a similar treatment. Then I went to work on the basing for both. First time using Nurgle's Rot (it's even a homemade mix), and first time attempting the UHU Glu effect. I had a blast painting these two figures. Most of all, I enjoyed the tips/tricks/help that you all gave me. I have a long road ahead, but I know there's some great talent and people here to help along the way. Thank you to everyone that has commented, or directed me!
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    As always...


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    Also, here's an update on other happenings...
    started work on the Grimhailer...
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    Working on the assembly of the Lord of Virulence...
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    Went to the local Warhammer Store last night...
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    And Mr.Postman brought me this today!
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    lol I might have a problem?

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    My only comment would be: so many minis, so little time!
    The nurgling & blightspawn both look great. Please keep posting the progress you make on these new ones, especially the whatever-the-hell-is-that from Creature Caster.
    I'd love to see what you make with it.

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    Yep, good looking fellas, and you put the color triad together well, i.e. green - orange/brown - purple.

    And good to read that you considered my ideas, I am not used to it at, home, 3 daughters and a wife, you know

    That skull box is essential, just do not use all of them at once

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    Marvellous basing work on the nurgle guy. Lovely inclusion of the toxic contamination.
    Looking forward to see your version of "Lord Reikenor".

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    Hey DB,
    Quick catch up post to say "Awesome stuff". Really like your Blightspawn, the oil streaking worked really well and you hit the balance spot-on re how much to apply. Applying an effect for the first time is always a leap of faith but you nailed it buddy! Your home made nurgle snot also looks great (not sure if I want to enquire about the recipe though, eww!), and the basework rocks.
    Great new projects, you've probably bought more in one week that I bought last year! (but only because my stash had got ridiculous and I felt shamed into clearing some of it... only 'some' mind!). I'm really psyched to see how these progress especially the King of Ruin (had to check out the Creature Caster web store... some seriously good stuff there!). Enjoy!!

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    Thank you for all the feedback; I really appreciate it!
    Here's what I've gotten done over the weekend...
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    Really smooth transitions from the black/purple, to the purple, and then into the white of the wings thanks to the airbrush. I'll follow it up later, with "ghosting" in the hexwraith flame over the white. The main figure of the horse was fun to hit with the airbrush; blocking in the color, then hitting the shadows, then blocking in the white, then going back in to the shadows with a purple to pull things back out. Still fine tuning the pressure/paint thickness, but no orange peel this time. Having fun trying to brush blend on the cloth of the reaper, and first ever attempt at OSL (figure the green lit skull glowing from the mane, will pull the eye up to the rider). Struggling with the OSL, but BaM's direction of the "Stop Sign" method for highlights has helped a lot. Suggestions on how to make the OSL look more dramatic/work better?
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