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    The executioner’s block is looking really good trimmed down and rotated. Will look excellent all painted up.

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    Everything about this piece was a first for me, so the direction everyone gave helped a ton!!
    Overall, I think the piece turned out better than I had imagined, and I had a heck of a lot of fun messing with the skin tones. (thanks to BaM for leading me in the direction to start learning how to do it proper)
    I think the iphone and my lighting set up lose the gradients of tone, which might be a lesson that there isn't enough contrast to begin with?
    NMM on the axe took me a few tries to get "good enough" for me.
    Blood treatment was a little intimidating (last step, over everything else; not wanting to mess everything else up), and I hope that I didn't over-do it.
    On my next dio type piece, I'll spend more time on the scale of things in relation to the figure (things like the hangman's scaffold and the noose seem out of scale to my eye).

    Thanks again, to all of those that chimed in with suggestions.

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    I like it, great job!
    The overall composition just looks a little too monochromatic I think.
    Right now the only tone that really pop's out is the executionner skin.
    Maybe a sligtly lighter tone for the rope, and a brighter red for the blood would add some more contrast? (just my opinion though)

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    Monochromatic works here. Creates a melancholy feeling. What paint did you use for the blood? I feel like if it was running off the platform, the stains would go all the way to the bottom edge of the floor boards. Maybe the executioner himself is a bit too clean, given how gory the axe and the platform is?

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    This is a great looking piece that you should be proud of, Beebs! Very grim with the color selection which I like. The simplicity of it really works well too. My only potential suggestions would be more contrast on the skin on the front of the executioner and I'd be tempted to glaze some reddish colors on the skin (very lightly of course) to add some reddish tones to it. I'm looking forward to seeing what projects you tackle next!

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    Took your suggestions, and wrapped this one up. Drybrush on the rope to bring it back towards the natural jute color. Went back at the blood drips, puddles, and splashed some on the executioner (he did look too clean).

    The camera still isn't picking up the shading on the skin tones my eye sees (for example, there is a purple-ish color that nicely transitions on the underside of his belly, and his lower back shares some of that same gradient). Live and learn; next exercise, I'll be more bold with color selection.

    Blood colors- Started with home mix of "Blood for the Blood God," which was too bright, and I wanted the impression that there was old, dried blood soaked into the wood. Hit the wood with Carroburg Crimson, but that didn't provide the color I wanted. Mixed homebrew Agrax Earthshade and Carroburg, and still wasn't satisfied. Matt varnished the whole thing, and made an oil wash mix of permanent rose, van dyke brown, and lamp black. Since posting the pictures last night, I've added more homebrew Blood for the Blood God.

    Thanks again, to all those generous to share their opinion/expertise!
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    Started the intestines and internals for the Lord of Virulence today...stay tuned!

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    I love the effect of fresh blood on top on dry/darker blood from previous executions.
    Great job.

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    Excellent final touches!

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    Here's what I've been up to this week...and I would like some suggestions on what color to do his shoulder pads and the deteriorated armor plate on his chest. There's still quite a few layers of color to add to the overall appearance of this guy, but I wanted to do something with the greens/reds as a base color palette. Things have strayed into oranges/purples due to the infected portions, but they should get toned down with later additions of nurgle's rot (light green), and oil paint washes. I was thinking a strong purple, but think it would be too much? Add to it, that I haven't the slightest clue on how to weather purple. Blue seems like it would add too many strong tones, and again, how do you weather blue? Silver, I think would blend in too much, and copper/brass would do the same? I've put a lot of thought into it, but I can't pin down what would look best to my mind's eye.
    Side note, I've been having a blast learning more about glazing. Glazing has been the only technique I've used, aside from zenithal application of green base/red base shadow with the airbrush.
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    Hi DaBeebs, I've just started using Microsoft Paint (because it's free) to create colour sketches over photos of my figure. It's pretty basic and ugly but can quickly show how different colour choices will look on the figure. Saves spending time on applying bad colour choices and avoids paint buildup due to repainting.

    Really cool gruesome figure you're working on, and your glazing is looking awesome! Have you thought of maybe doing some conversion work, a cute My Little Pony head could work (oops, the insanity is escaping beyond my own WIP).

    Glad to see that my suggestions regarding the executioner were useful, and overdue praise for the final results, it's a great piece with strong visual impact! Yes the noose is out of scale, but that gives it extra emphasis and adds to the feeling of menace, I suspect had it been true scale it would've become very peripheral and disconnected from the overall visual impact. Figure manufacturers fiddle with scale all the time for exactly these reasons, 'true' doesn't always look 'right'. Call your scale choices 'artistic judgement' and be proud of them!
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    Extremely well done.

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    That executioner is superbly well done. Put it up, so I can go and vote it a 10!

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    Many thanks for the vote of confidence; I'll take you up on the suggestion....

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    Damn Beebs! Tearing it up! That executioner is great man! Really like the blood effect and the dark contrast. I think you nailed it on setting the mood for the piece. I haven’t the foggiest on what to call that demon thing but it looks awesome too. Really like the exposed bones on the back and the intestines are coming along great. I’ve been struggling on doing good intestines. Really think they look great with the purplish undertone. Great stuff man!

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    Voted and comment left. The executioner is really a marvellous piece.

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    A bold move adding blood all over the finished miniature , it paid off, well done
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Excellent work on the the little bit of blood breaking the barrier between the scene and the plinth.

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    Adding the brighter congealed blood on the base certainly improved things. Looks great. Before it didn’t look right that the colour of blood on his axe and the ground were different when they both come from the same source.

    Lord of Virulence should look fantastic when finished. The intestines look particularly good. If you haven’t seen the video on Twitch (also on You Tube) of the same figure by Shoshie’s Minis then it’s worth checking out. She is a great painter for starters and she has painted the guts and ribs etc. very realistically. Great tip on lightly painting over the finished intestines with metal medium to bring out the shine is a good one. Because the vids are intitially twitch feeds she has her song playing for the first 4 or 5 mins so don’t think it’s not playing properly like I did! The first part of the tutorial is just playing around with the new Scale 75 artists acrylics but it is after that.

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    Wow, thank you, everyone, for such interest in my WIP; the comments are full of great suggestions and support!
    Been fairly busy with life/work, so I’ve only been able to paint a little, and think a lot about future projects. Here’s where I’m at on the latest project (sorry for the huge file, but away from my computer). I think I’m gonna redo the armor; bronze might be a better choice? Keep in mind, I’m planning to darken things up with oil washes/dry pigments/tinted gloss once all the base layers are complete. Also, decided to approach the wings differently, so they are currently just airbrushed red; I’m planning to go back in and adding the green/yellows again. Thinking NMM for the scythe. Thoughts/suggestions/critique on what I’ve dubbed my “rotted Easter Bunny”?lol
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