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    Without further delay....
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    My 2nd completion of my Deamon Prince of Nurgle.

    Took some lessons from the first attempt, also decided that being a figure destined for the table, it wasn't really worth dumping another 3 weeks into. Colors aren't as vibrant as the 1st attempt, and the transitions aren't as smooth. But overall, it'll do the job, and I can move on to the next piece. I learned through this experience; the biggest challenge was getting myself excited about painting it again (my heart just wasn't as into it as it was the first go 'round). Oh, and for those attempting to learn how to use Still Water...the instructions really do mean 3 millimeters thick max! LOL

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    And just for fun (really, it's the first time I've put any real effort into painting a space marine).
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    Standing on a generic/medium resolution 3d printed plinth.


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    The demon is really interesting.
    And the blood effect under the head is brilliant.
    Just one thing overall (I have the exact same "issue" with my painting): I think you could push the contrasts further.

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    Well, that daemon prince is rather disgusting. Good work.

    For the marine I agree with some more contrast, especially some brighter highlights. It looks nice as is, but some highlight tweaks and mybe a little more defined texture to the base would bump it up a knotch.

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    The demon prince is great. The marine could have more highlights and the blood effect is too much imho. Does not look ralistic. Apart from that: Nice work.

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    I kinda agree with chaos spawn; the blood doesn't look very realistic. BUT that said, this is a sci-fi miniature we are talking about, so I say Go for it!
    Nice work!

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    Thanks all! I agree that I lack in the contrast department. Upon self evaluation, I've always felt that my pieces were too dark in comparison to the awesome work of others. I've been attempting to create visual interest through using complimentary colors, but I think it's time to start working with values too. Today, I've read a few articles from, and think I might take another crack at the space marine (might even try a different way of doing the gore).

    Thank you, and stayed tuned!

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    Cut him off his base. Cut the Uhu glue off. Took all his armor plates back to McCragga Blue. Glazed highlight to vallejo magic blue. Then glazed a mix of magic blue and army painter matte white. Random highlights of AP Matte White for some "hot spots". Gold trim based in Balthazar Gold, mid tone of Vallejo Brassy Brass, mid highlight of Brassy Brass mixed with Averland Yellow, another highlight of Brassy Brass/Averland yellow with white, and then white hotspots. Took some super clear silicone caulking and added Blood for the Blood God in an attempt to create a cooler looking gore. Base was coated in averland debris, with seraphim sepia wash (really basic, but high in contrast).
    I took my reading lessons to heart, and really went for it, instead of holding back in fear of making it look like a cartoon. Overall, blending could be smoother, but what are your thoughts on the attempt at greater contrast? Any sage advice?
    Next model, I'm going to attempt a few reference photos in black and white to help me in my endeavor of greater contrast. Now, I just have to figure out which project to start next.

    LOL, after posting is painfully obvious that this weekend I'll be grabbing a new camera (the pixelation in my iphone is killing the presentation of my mediocre blending). Anyone have some suggestions for an entry-level to intermediate DSLR? LOL
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    Much better imoo on the contrast side!
    on the helmet/blood side though, I prefer the previous version: maybe something in between with the backbones coming out of the helmet?

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    Contrast looks a big can probably go further though to be honest.

    It's probably worth considering how some of these highlights would affect the edges of the surfaces as well - how would the light work a long the edge highlights on the surface? If you can start to bring in gradiated edge highlights that tie in with your overall lighting scheme it will not only enhance the contrast but help define the various armour plates and panels far more distinctly. (youve started to do it on the rim of the neck/chest piece)

    I'd also recommend mixing your paints back with some lahmium medium/glaze medium to thin them out - this also gives you a reduced pigment to medium mix that will give you a smoother overall finish and add a translucency to your layers which will improve your blends no end.

    Final thoughts on the shadow areas....instead of just thinking shadows are black, think of how some contrasting colours could affect the glazes into the darker blue areas can have a dramatic effect on how the other colours of the model react. Take a look at the crimson fists intercessor buried in my thread somewhere, its a darker blue but almost all of the deep shadows were achieved with red and violet ink glazes to add an intensity to the colours. (page 68)

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    I also liked the first version of the “gore”. How was that done?

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    Well, took everyone's advice, and really dug into studying how to successfully create contrast. Read a lot. Looked at a lot of minis. Took some pictures in black and gray, and boosted the contrast in a photo editor (reference photos posted below). Set the reference photos in front of me while I attempted another space marine. Overall, I think this one ended up much better. Blending could be smoother, but I was more focused on the contrast exercise. I tried using white on the shoulders, as that's what the reference seemed to call for, but it was too much, so I glazed back to a bright blue. A little attempt at NMM on the gold and silver bits, but nothing to brag about.
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    edit:just noticed I need to finish the exhausts on his jetpack tomorrow LOL

    Much better picture on the finished version, as I borrowed a DSLR to try out, before I buy one (might just talk the friend into selling me this one, as he just ordered the latest and greatest).

    Dr. Bob, the 1st gore version was UHU Glue mixed with red ink. I like it better than the 2nd version, as well. The second version is some crystal clear silicone with homebrew Blood for the Blood God. I saw a video on youtube that compared a few techniques for gore, and figured I would give it a shot.

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    Great idea with the Black and White photos. It really pulled out the areas of contrast and you did a great job translating that contrast into the finished figure.

    Another thing the B&W figure seems to show is that your primer is going on really thick. It is giving the figure an rough and uneven texture, as well as obscuring some of the finer details. Your paint job does a great job of overcoming this, as the finished pics look nice and smooth. Are you using an airbrush or a "rattlecan" for your priming?

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    Thank you for the compliment. These marines were rattlecan. I have since moved to airbrush for the reasons you pointed out.

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    Nice exeperiment on the NMM, I think the backpack and the right elbow works pretty well for a first attempt (and the gold ont he right shoulder plat on the front too).
    I'm agree with kendarus on the thickness of the primer, and aerograph is definitively a tool a choice for mini painting, not only for priming, but you can also use it to start blocking the main color and start highlight the model with it. It can help to create a base with with smooth highlights to start with.

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    I really enjoy reading this introspection and reflection on your painting ability. I wish I could ask myself such deep and insightful questions of my own work!
    It looks like you are making progress with every single paint stroke. Keep going!

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    Dex, Thanks for the tips on the airbrush...wish I were better at it.

    Gorb, I'm glad that I can entertain someone besides myself. As with all things, I've come to realize that the most rewarding path to knowing something, is to be willing to admit that you know nothing. I'm a student here, having only been painting these "little guys" since December, and my posts are a way to chronicle my journey, while soliciting the advice (or perspective) of others.

    And on that note...I've been playing around some with a friend's DSLR, and it's amazing to see the difference a real (and good) camera makes. He also lent me a 300mm lens to tinker around with. The following photos are without any post processing, save cropping and compressing for upload. Still have a lot to mess with to get better results, but I can already see the performance difference (note the not so great space marine before:after). ISO100, F10-16, 0,5 for all the pictures with a 300mm lens.
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    And this is something I've been working on this week (I'm not lucky enough to have been at Adepticon with all the rest of you). Still unsure of what to do with the rest of his clothing (tan is overspray from basing the flesh tone), and need to go back to the fur to add more highlights (contrast, remember?). Beard is only base coated to get a feel for the tones on his face.


    Hope everyone has a spectacular week!
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    The first marine start to look really good imoo (the second one is too rough, especially on the back).

    I love the viking's face, You managed to paint his rage on his eyes...

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    Sorry Dexter, I disagree a bit To me the second marine looks even better in these photos. Especially his backpack Sure it could maybe do with a bit more work to ease the transitions between the shades, but the contrast is THERE. Plus, there is even the secondary bounce of indirect light. So subtle! The exposed rear left leg also adds to the idea that he is starkly lit from above.

    The viking looks great though, the eyes do look awesome, and I dig the skin shading.

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    You've been productive since I last checked in to your thread, DaBeebs! I have painted an ultramarine in the style that I think you're going for and while mine didn't turn out that great (look in my gallery if you want to see why), I think I might be able to help you out with some advice here. If you want to really make a nice-looking marine, you're going to have to do a lot of glazing to make smooth metallic-looking highlights. A great source of inspiration and potential example to follow is the Painting Buddha videos with an Ultramarine. It takes hours of glazing to get good results but if you follow the methods laid out there, you'll end up with a really sharp looking marine and learn some things along the way I've used the techniques there on other models and it has been helpful so I'd really recommend it.

    With that said, that dwarf bust will look awesome! I look forward to seeing your progress on it. Keep the updates coming!

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