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    While I was waiting for things to dry, I worked on this.
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    Had fun using Druchii Violet to shade, then bathed the whole thing in SecretWeapon Baby Poop (created the splotchy green texture). Maybe got a little carried away with the dry pigments, but wanted to see what I could do with them.

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    Then I was on to these...
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    until I noticed that the left arm was missing on the big guy (have since emailed privateer press about the missing piece and am awaiting confirmation that the arm is in the mail).

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    So I went on to the Zarbag guys...
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    Open to any and all suggestions/comments/critique.

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    Poisonous green on the squigs! Love it!
    Somehow reminds me to Ghost Busters

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    Insanely bsngarang work all around buddy!!! Lotsa leveling up!!!!

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    Loving the green skins and their 'pets' great work

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    The ogre with the club looks pretty cool, I think he may be missing a bit of contrast maybe? At the moment he looks very mono-chromatic.
    The bright green on the zarbag chompers looks cool! They remind me of Slimer from Ghostbusters

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    Lovely guys. Really like the clean, comic like look you achieved. Also like the glass bottle! Very hard to pull off in my opinion especially with liquid inside.

    Only small critique would be the squigs lips. They look too red for me and the contrast to the green is quite harsh. Would probably glaze a reddish skintone over it, something like Dwarf Flesh (or whatever GW is calling it now lol), to tone the red down and also reduce the gloss a bit.

    But the rest is top. The muted green skin tones of the goblins look great too.

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    I really like the color choices on that giant! It reminds me of the Super Mutants in Fallout and it is visually impressive to say the least! I like the color choices on the Gobbos as well. The brown is a nice way to differentiate yours which is no small feat as they have been incredibly popular minis to paint from what I have seen. I'm looking forward to seeing you paint the Privateer Press sculpts. That will be a different style and I'm sure you'll handle them well

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    I really liked the splashing water effect. Hope you follow through on the rubber ducky idea! You are amazingly productive!

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    Great job on these. Zarbag's crew look awesome! and I like the speckled look you got with the troll

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    Been lurking for a minute, as I've been putting in some long hours at work. I can't believe how many amazing projects that everyone has going. And the awards all of you keep showing off are well deserved. Here's what I've been working on...
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    Learning a lot with each new project, and enjoying the progress that I see in my work. Favorite one of these guys to paint was the branding guy...the sculpt is interesting, and provides a great opportunity to paint some "hot" charcoal and the branding iron. The squigs did end up looking like Slimer, but when I asked the wife what color she thought they should be, her response was, "they should look like boogers." At the point I started them, I had already painted the archers the light yellow/green, and wanted to change things up. There were a lot of glaze layers to get the results seen here; can't tell, but there's even purple glazes used under green to create the shadows. The mouths are extremely gloss, as I painted them with gloss varnish; intended to show them as drooling beasts (must have missed the mark).
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    This showed up in the mail from Ukraine today!! Way excited to paint this. Looking at the model, the resin is cast very well. Details are amazingly sharp, and precise. I hope I can render the paint on the model like I see it in my head!

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    These guys look awesome DaBeebs. The slimers look vicious, and the rich colors you get on everything looks amazing. I love the effect you got on the little bottle the one dude is drinking from.

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    Well done, those gobbos are excellent. Really solid looking group

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    Zarbags gitz look great. I‘d like to highlight the
    flask of the fanatic. Content of it seems to be in
    movement. This is really outstanding!!! Wanna share
    how you‘ve done this?

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    Thank you for the compliments, guys. I really appreciate the feedback.

    I'm surprised that the bottle is being so well received, as I struggled a little bit between the logic in my head on how vintage type green glass and yellow liquid should look, and how I could make the brush move. I've watched a few videos on how to paint glass bottles (re: brush&boltgun and Vince's Hobby Cheating), as well as, recalled the lessons I learned while painting the glass port on the Foul Blightspawn. Started from the inside of the bottle with black as the vacant space, and then added colors from there. Used the same yellow/orange color as what's pouring out of the bottle, transitioning to the lightest color on the very top edge of the liquid. Once that was good, I glazed the whole bottle in a few layers of green. After that dried, I touched up the black edge of the vacant space with black and added dots of liquid color above the top edge of the "liquid". Added some grey toned highlights on the opposite sides of the intended highlight of the glass. Added some off white highlights. Glazed green again. Finally, added the white dots/dashes. I figured that the spade on the front of the bottle would have been molded in the glass, with a negative inside, so there would be some refracting of the "liquid." Then when I was "ok" with what it looked like, I took some gloss varnish to it.

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    Surprised or not, you should be real proud of that bottle. That’s some good looking goblin moonshine!

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    Great job on Zarbag's crew! Love the green boogers... I mean Squigs! I agree with the others, that bottle looks great!

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    Great work beebs!!! Def can’t wait to see your Cerberus !!!

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