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    Not a whole lot of work done tonight, but progress on the base upon which he stands. Overall, this sculpt has been a real treat; mold lines were extremely limited, gaps were manageable with an extra bit of glue, and there is a helluva lot of fine detail in the sculpt itself. I've enjoyed working on this piece thus far, and hope it ends up looking how I imagine it to be.
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    and a little side action, for when I'm waiting for things to dry. First all white metal piece...
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    Yes. Think it’s called “ship maiden”, but can’t remember. Trying to paint it up to look like the ethereal glowing “Davy Jones” on Spongebob lol. We’ll see how it goes.

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    Cerberus is looking pretty cool. I like that the glow is subdued, which makes it look more natural.

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    Quick update on projects...calling it a night.
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    Nice progress on Cerberus... but honestly the ship maiden is topping him. Your colorchoice and combination on the maiden is outstanding.
    Is there a ship, where you are going to apply the maiden to? She is calling for it :-)

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    Thank you. Im not surprised that the maiden is looking better at this point; she’s more of a speed painting approach, Cerberus is really just base coated at this point with a little bit of tone mapping. My mom gave me the maiden to paint for her fish tank decor, but I don’t think it’ll end up there, considering the assumed metal interaction with salt water and the chemical ecosystem of the tank. I’m picturing her on an emulated underwater base/plinth.

    Still looking for constructive comments on Cerberus, as I know I’m overlooking a lot in my ignorant approach to the effect I’m trying to pull off.

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    DaBeebs, all three of those projects (I guess technically two, look great to me! I hesitate to give you any feedback on Cerberus as I don't have much experience with what you are trying to do and don't want to give you bad information. I will say this (hopefully someone corrects me if I am wrong about it) you could probably have an even lighter spot on the chest so that the red will be a little brighter like up high on its chest by the heads depending on where you want the strongest light coming from. You may already have this but I can't tell from the angle. Otherwise, for this just being "roughed in" it looks pretty damn sweet to me already!

    Might be best to not put that maiden in a fish tank (especially if saltwater) as the paint will probably react to it as well. Although, you might be able to do it if you had it sealed up in a clear glass jar or cube, or maybe a clear acrylic cube that you seal all the corners and edges with silicon adhesive (I think they make ones specifically for fish tanks)

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    I second LINE LEMMING

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    Really nice work here Beebs and its awesome to see the Cerberus though that maiden is looking really sharp as well. I think Eki is on the money with his advice as well since the highlights will be brightest on the underside. I've dabbled in OSL and the only advice I would pass on is using really thin glazes and don't be afraid to check in with some of the experienced painters on here as you glaze to make sure you get the right amount of highlights and don't go too far with the OSL. Walking back something that has been highlighted is very difficult so its good to be careful with it. With that said, I can't wait to see more progress and the creativity of your projects is always really inspiring to see

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    At the risk of sounding monotonous I have to agree that Cerberus is nicely painted. It looks like a mutated pissed off doberman. I really like the way the ship maiden is coming along too.

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    There are some lovely color/light experiments going on here.

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    Here's some updates on the beast. Just set him upon his base to make sure I'm heading in the right direction with color harmony. Still haven't started the glazing yet; more or less just blends and a few washes here and there. Forgive the strong lighting and the cellphone pics.

    On the ship maiden, I started with airbrushing hexwraith flame over some z-highlighting. After, I was just messing around with some VA Hexed Lichen, attempting to create a contrast behind the figure but in front of the ship. I didn't like the color combo. Then I grabbed VA Turquoise and tried to do something cool with the wing tips. That went a little too far, so I anti-z'd with the Hexed Lichen. Liked how that looked, and washed the whole thing with Druchii Violet. Just to add some flare to it, I then took VA Escorpena Green and lightly Z'd from above, going a little heavier on the wing tips. Nothing fancy, and certainly not a new color palette (turquoise and purple work well together, Hairsters recent Tzeech Knight is a stellar example of the color harmony). I don't anticipate attacking her with anymore color, or detail, as I kind of have an idea on a base for her; should look ethereal and underwater. I just have to invest some time in learning how to model seaweed, and some other random painting effects.

    I greatly appreciate everyone's interest in really is helping motivate me to push myself, and to "paint bravely." The model itself, is such a fun thing to work on. And again, the quality has been great.

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    The beast looks nice. Love the snake/tail!

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    Great work! Cerberus looks awesome so far, keep it going!

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    Thanks guys! Tonight's work. DSLR photos...certainly show the colors better! Fan was blowing the camera, so photos are a little fuzzy. lol

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