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    Thanks for all the support! Here's a quick update on what I've been working on. Finished the skaven critter, and will post pics at a later date.
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    Still have some things to do with the guts, and now that he's glued together, can hit some highlights for the extra pop.

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    This looks super good DaBeebs, I love the contrast of the bright green on the pale flesh.

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    Outstanding contrast!!!

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    Absolutely hideous!

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    Wow, this last month has been crazy. Decided to sell our house and move back to Colorado, which hasn't afforded me much time for the hobby. Did finish the Creature Caster King of Ruin, but unfortunately, he promptly got packed away. Here is something that I did find a little time to work always, comments/critique are welcome.
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    I've still been popping in on the forum to check out everyone else's work, and I am truly amazed at what you all have going on!

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    I really like the texture you have on the wrist cloth bits on the nurgle demon! (the rest ain't too shabby either)

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    Thanks, Eki, but the credit goes to the sculptor...I just painted the texture that was there.

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    Oh wow, the skaven is really well done. Good work DaBeeb, this is another version which really makes me want to paint him!

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    Relentless skills!!!

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    very nice work on the skaven. bold tidy work. good stuff
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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