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    Hope you like. Enjoyed painting these.
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    Yeah I think they would be a fun unit to paint. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, my friend and I are splitting painting duties by faction between our two sets. I do Starks, and he gets the Lannisters.

    One tip. Not sure if that’s a wash or paint around the dogs on the banner. If it’s a wash that bled over, I’d recommend putting the wash on the dogs before painting the yellow, so you can clean up any edges. Whatever wash you use on the yellow should not effect the much darker black, if you bleed over the other direction.
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    really well done. I'm a beginner myself.... teaching myself while painting dungeon crawler board games like Dark Souls and Massive Darkness. I'll be very proud if I can do anything close to what you have there.
    I love your basing especially. That's something I find myself having fun with. The small, fine detail on the minis..... well..... I'm learning.

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    Well done! The basing looks really good. I always struggle with the bases.

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