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    Here some miniatures which I have painted in december - january
    Name:  5HXhXAhVAEs.jpg
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Size:  387.7 KB Name:  8Ykc0NvIC9s.jpg
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Size:  368.9 KBName:  JsWptuE6zYU.jpg
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Size:  381.3 KBName:  OAtHCfo6Gsc.jpg
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Size:  393.2 KBName:  QCeszFkrb_k.jpg
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    Just when you thought your day couldn't get any worse. You meet a Werewolf WEARING power armour!

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    Outstanding work, as always!
    House - Ravenhurst
    Sigil - Black raven on a copper field, clutching paintbrushes
    Words - “We do not Highlight”

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    Well done, these came out really great! I have gotten as far as priming mine. I will definitely be referencing yous for some inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

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