Orc Executioner - 35 mm
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Thread: Orc Executioner - 35 mm

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    Default Orc Executioner - 35 mm

    Hello Guys ...
    After 6 years .. I am back to my workbench. I have been an historycal 54 mm sculptor mostly, but this time I decided to have a look in the fantasy world.
    This is a 35 mm Orc Executioner . The concept and the sculpting is all by myself . All made with Fimo Soft + Sculpey Firm ( 50+50 )
    I will post more pics in future of the process in this thread ...
    P.S. Sorry ..bad cellphone pics

    Nello Rivieccio
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    I'm excited to see how it goes for ya!

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    Nice work! I dig his facial features, they are very well done.

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    That axe shape is awesome! Looks great and keep up the great work

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