How to replace the miniature bases
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Thread: How to replace the miniature bases

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    Default How to replace the miniature bases

    Dear Maesters of miniature paintings,

    I bought some minitures of A Song of Ice and Fire Tabletop Miniature games.
    The minitures are great, but the miniature bases are too big to use them for Dungeons & Dragons.
    Are threre any "safe" mothods to replace the miniature base of A Song of Ice and Fire?
    I am very glad if you give me advices.

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    Just use a sharp knife between foot and base, alternatively use snippers snippers to cut the pub off under the base and prise the model off.

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    Thank you for the reply, hithero! Did you try it for the game of thrones miniatures? I am afraid that the methods you recommended may not be "safe" for the miniatures.

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    Yeah, the ncu's to mount them on more themed resin paving bases.

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    Hi Hithero, thank you again, I will try it!

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