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    Here’s an attempt at a terrain piece. Still have some painting to do on it and some more fluff to put in for transitions, but kind of confused as to what else it needs. Feels lacking but doesn’t look too bad from a distance
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    That looks great. Love the rocks.. is it for gaming or a diaroma?

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    Thanks man. Attempt at a D&D board for random turf battles. Want to make a few different boards for varied play

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    That’s once D&D is all about.

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    Going to have to agree there. My abstract thought is sub par and I find that the visual representation helps me keep my shit together haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StephanW0lf View Post
    but kind of confused as to what else it needs.
    Nice work, I would add some moss/lichen/green pigment to the rock, some fungus to the side of the tree trunk.
    And you can check SaintToad's WIP/homepage for more inspiration...

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    The terrain board is fantastic! My guess is that the absent elements may well be the figures and the game play. Add an exciting narrative with a bunch of intrepid heroes fighting against desparate odds, and your terrain will massively re-inforce the illusion. Chances are you'll be focussing on the action and not whether you could've lifted the highlights with an extra drybrush. Think of that classic Platoon moment when Willem Defoe emerges from the jungle running towards the choppers. When you saw that did you think "Elias... Nooooooooo!!" or was your first thought "Coulda done with a bit more work on the scenery."

    Plus it is a gaming board that will hopefully see lots of action and likely take some knocks in the process. You don't want it so perfect that the flow of action gets broken while the charging battle crazed orcs stop to take their gore caked boots off so that they don't dirty the carpet. (well not quite, but yah know what I mean)

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    Thanks for the advice. That’s a really good idea with the fungus. I just got some pigment in but haven’t experimented with it yet. I assume it would be used through a fine shaker and then rubbed into areas? Noice, i’ll check his WIP thanks. Those are very valid points Doc. I had never really thought about that aspect of it. Great reference to drive the point home haha. I gotta say that terrain is a lot of fun until you start trying to paint it, that’s about the time I considered torching the thing off. Appreciate the tips though guys

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    That little base with the iron filings is brilliant, what an awesome little concept. Could be used for some really dynamic bases. I really like it!!!

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    Thanks Cc! As a disclaimer I should probably mention that the chemical reaction gets it pretty hot since it takes a ton of glue. Furthermore, I tries super glue with sea sponge and it actually heated up and started smoking pretty good. Wouldn’t have been that bad but it was stuck to my finger at the time haha.

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    Great board. Wouldn't add too much as it might become overwhelming. If it's for playing think also that the more you add, the more tat can come off. Great piece of terrain!



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    Looks great! I have to agree, add some minis and take another pic that might be all you are really missing. If you want to go crazy, add a steam or small lake.

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    Thanks for the advice. Very good points. Really excited to be off work for a week after tonight so I can finally put some time in on these projects. I think i’ll just work on the transitions for the terrain piece and call it good. Would love to do a lake or stream, but have some experimentation to do prior. I have some realistic water and water effects, but have only done puddles so far. As a side note: most of the floc on the terrain piece is finely ground marijuana that’s been vaped. Works great for a lot of stuff as it’s color lands between a light brown and green. I’ve also found some cooking spices like rosemary/oregano work decent for some of the more earthy things.

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    A gaming board with marihuana on it? I'll bet every battle on it is going to be EPIC! Whoop whoop man. I think having fun is the most important in this hobbies and it sounds you're going to have tons of it.

    Keep up the good work,


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    Great terrain tip and hey, if you ever fly to an international model meet Wolfie might get to play on the ground with the other doggies in the airport!

    interesting game play... Our party stops and lights a fire to keep warm. Your fire catches the attention of an orc war party. Make a D20 save roll.... it's a 1. The fire has spread to nearby dry grass and your heroes have dropped thier weapons and are collapsed in the smouldering grassd splitting their sides over "I spy with my little eye, lots of big ugly angry green things that sound like big ugly angry green dorks!"
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    Cool work all around this thread! Love the iron filings idea and it looks great.

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    Appreciate it guys!

    @Gino very good point on that. I overlooked that aspect of it when i started for sure. Surprised at how well it’s held up this far though. I’ve been curious as to what i can use to help seal things a bit better. I’m sure there is probably 100 things out there that would work, but haven’t experimented withthat sorr of thing yet.

    @Doc I’d love to go to one someday. It’s way up there on my bucket list for sure. Living in a podunk town of 3500 people and the nearest city being 306 miles away leaves me without much of a local community for this sort of hobby. Very good point on the role playing too. I’ll have to see if i can incorporate that in to the next play session.

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    Wonderful work on the terrain. Will be a pleasure to use it for gaming :-)

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    The terrain looks amazing. I hope you'll post a picture of it "in action".

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    Waaaaay cool

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