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    Despite being a veteran modeller (I remember when Matchbox 1/76 tank kits retailed for 35p... yes, I'm that old!) I've never acheived the level of skill shown by many modellers of far fewer years. I did consider breaking their fingers to level the playing field, but after-school club security has been tightened over the years (I wonder why?) so that's no longer a viable option (plus they've grown up and are tougher than me now - bah!).

    Most of my modelling career has been quite isolated, which I think has limited the opportunity to learn from others, and also caused my interest and motivation to frequently waver. It's fine during the initial excitement of a new project, but once a build starts to stretch out, I start to wonder what is the point of another model that at best will sit in a display cabinet for only me to look at, and at worst will be added to my stash of half-finished shame. That isolation and the periods of demotivation have also lead me to stay within my comfort zone and not actively push to develop my skills.

    But maybe this new fangled inter-web thingy might help? (kidding here, I sure hope I'm not quite that bad or my systems analyst job might get shakey!) Having lurked CMoN on and off I've been utterly astounded by the quality of the best contributors (and just consider how good they would've been had I not broken their fingers all those years ago) and not much less impressed by the quality of most of the rest. But I've been equally struck by the strong support and community shared between many members.

    As my kids (adults now) head off on their own life journeys I find myself with more time on my hands, so maybe now is the time to see whether I can re-engage with the hobby and, with the positive feedback and support of others push myself to find out if I am capable of achieving the standards that I have always aspired to.

    I suspect this WIP may end up being rather sporadic, so I ask up-front for any readers to bear with me and show patience and understanding, and I in turn will try to show positive progress and more importantly my gratitude (even if old habits make me yearn for the cracking sound of delicate finger bones).

    So first WIP photo...
    Name:  20181116_140714.jpg
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