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    Looks good! I really like the color transitions your doing there on the wings, and the experimentation that your doing is pretty trick, if you ask me! The end result should be something very unique!

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    Grill/grillz/grille is usually referring to these things. Some people find them handy for eating popcorn and chewing through barbed wire to get out of prison. They also work well for taking apart hex nuts and opening beer bottles. Often times it seems that one can be either referring to the teeth, mouth, or both.

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    Those wings are looking really cool. Those colors really pop. Seriously cool stuff. Appreciate the narrative and focus on your painting techniques. Really helps me understand how people get their models to such a great degree of appeal. I feel like i have a decent understanding of some of the individual techniques but often lose myself in tying the model together and attaining cohesion.

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    Hey thanks DaBeebs! It was mainly fortunate accident because dry paints are designed for the exact opposite of glazing (what idiot would you try to use thick blue porridge for glazing?) and also fortunate that I took that before shot for the photo comparison. Glad you like it, Tony the Pony is already pretty unique, though over her in 'Jolly old Blighty' we prefer the more politically correct term 'special' (in the context of 'in urgent need of special secure institutional care').

    Quote Originally Posted by StephanW0lf View Post
    Grill/grillz/grille ... handy for eating popcorn and chewing through barbed wire to get out of prison... taking apart hex nuts and opening beer bottles.
    ... hanging 'hands free' from powerful electromagnets, committing suicide by placing head in an MRI scanner and (my personal favourite) re-shaping and sanding deformed classic Airfic kit parts and resin stubs (if you remember to inhale while sanding it even takes care of that hazardous dust!) Did we forget to add 'looking cool' to this list? No, we didn't forget!
    Ah 'grill' as in chromed car grills (they actually were chrome when I were a lad... helped scare away the dinosaurs!). My ignorance in this area probably explains why my fellow drug gang members call me Grandpa and never invite me to the drive-by shooting social nights. Ironically I finished painting the GW Golgfang Maneater oggy recently, and talk of grils has made me realised I haven't picked out his characterdefining 'gold fang'. D'ohh!

    Quote Originally Posted by StephanW0lf View Post
    Appreciate the narrative and focus on your painting techniques....often lose myself in tying the model together and attaining cohesion.
    Your welcome my friend! I'd noticed you'd been asking about glazing dilutions in your WIP so set out with the aim of getting extra in progress photos (hence having that handy before shot). Turns out I'll get just as much benefit being able to review the shots to spot areas for improvement. Totally with you re attaining cohesion, very common for me to focus on key areas and specific techniques, while completely forgetting the overall appearance of the mini until I see it in the display cabinet and I think 'Oh that's a bit disappointing'. Luckily this one is easy to fix... start a CMON WIP page and get lots of helpful and supportive feedback from people with incredible talent.

    I can't say it enough "Thanks everyone, you're all awesome!!"

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    Can’t agree with you more on the awesome support here. I live in a very small community in the middle of nowhere and there really isn’t a big crowd for miniatures or wargaming. Helps a ton being able to get advice and criticism from people with experience and passion instead of strange looks and everyone thinking i’m off my rocker for playing with toys.

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    You getting back on the wings or working something else for this session?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StephanW0lf View Post
    You getting back on the wings or working something else for this session?
    I'm sat at my office desk right now and suspect they might take a dim view of mini painting during 'core' hours. Missed lunch yesterday (system install went toes up just like they always do) so will aim to grab a longer lunchtime paint session today.

    I just did a 'check overall appearance' on Tony and saw a bitter truth that has been hiding in plain sight... the wing colours are straight out of the movie Frozen. Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!
    Kill me now!!

    <<lunchtime update>>
    I have a mini painting colleague and just asked him to give a second opinion... (really happened unlike most of the bullshit I write here)
    "Dude, it's awesome!"
    "And what if I say Disney Frozen to you?"
    "Oh crap... it's ruined!"

    We decided I must be resolute and continue. I must feed my horror, disgust and revoltion back into my work to ensure that if Tony is going to look like a Frozen character, he's gonna look like a Frozen character who's been dragged through the deepest pits of hell! (the bit reserved for Brexiteers)
    The shit just got real on this project... now it's personal!!
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    Decided to sort out Tony's sheepskin chaps (strangely lacking motivation on painting the wings suddenly). The shape of the legs is much improved though I've not quite decided how to approach the lizzard skin texture. Seems wise to sketch the shapes out first, tweak it until I'm happy with it and then start cutting (or paint it out if it's gash... darn site easier that uncarving it!!).

    Just found this image and really like the effect, might be hopelessly over-ambitious but I think I'll give it a try once the sculpt tidying is finished.

    Please tell me this isn't from frickin Frozen!

    Quite an extended session this evening, reshaping the legs developed into a more widespread tidying and refining of most of the areas that I'd sculpted. The legs are getting close to final shape (front right is vey thin, I will probably need to add some meat back on) I've smoothed all the joins where the GW bits were joined nad sculpted round, I've defined the muscles where the wings attach to the body, and I've cut in the lines and joins between legs and torso. It now looks far less like a collection of parts and more like a cohesive figure...
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    Not sure why the photos are so small, the uploaded files are much bigger and clearer. Might try re-uploading tomorrow.
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    Quick post of a previous build, related to my reply in Stephan's WIP (that I was in danger of hijacking). I made this for a GW store competition to build a single figure... I think I mght've got carried away with the base...
    Name:  2017-03-02 17.08.21.jpg
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    Dude! That looks really sweet! Really dig the wood look and coloring. The green is really deep too and that dock is spot on. Nice progress on Tony too. I’ve been trapped at work for the last few weeks and can’t make much time to paint so i’m stuck ogling everyone else’s work haha. Also, pretty sure you are safe from people relating Tony to the Frozen movie. Haven’t seen it, but i’m pretty sure I didn’t hear about any plague ponies involved in it.

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    Cheers fella! As usual I made it up as I went. Initially I wanted to make the green goop look alive (initially tried painting gaping mouth parts green, really sucked!) so I prototyped how to sculpt it in green plasticene. Then thought I'd do a colour sketch with acrylics over the plasticene (think I put a layer of PVA down first) then thought I'd test green & yellow glazes over the sketch, by whch time I couldn't face trashing it. Obviously plasticene isn't at all stable hence the balsawood beam surround (roughly hacked with a scalpel, painted & dry brushed, pinned into sides of goop and PVA'd to concealed wood base). The dock is same treatment on wooden stirrers of various sizes (quick light-fingered tour of coffee bars and fast food joints). Wall/door is foam board, I soaked and rubbed away the paper on one side, gouged the gaps and joins with a pointed scalpel tip then drew in the texture with a ball point pen, painted, dry brushed. To fit the wall I had to trim a strip of goop away, and noticed the painted surface lifted from it as a single strip of film. Hmmm, wondered if it would stick to the wall if I placed it over wet 'ard coat, that worked. plus some feather in with green to get the foul spillage from the pipe. Oh yeah, added a figure as well (which was kinda the whole point of the competition!)

    Idea... Not relishing the prospect of free hand painting Tony's big soppy MLP eyes as they will probably be the make/break factor of the project. Re above film transfer accidental discovery, maybe I could freehand a whole bunch of eyes onto plasticine (or polythene sheet) and apply the best matching pair as 'decals'. Seems a fairly risk free experiment... tbc. Any experience or advice on this folks?
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    I’ve never tried plasticene before. It came out really nice regardless of the difficulties. I’ve been working on a terrain piece made with foam board too. Pretty neat stuff. Need to get my airbrush going again so i can get it painted up. Nice work on the foam texturing. I’m excited to start making some cool walls and cobblestone stuff.

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    Plasiticene is just the cheap kids modelling clay that's usually packages in coloured strips, key point being it doesn't cure, hence having to add the 'rollcage' balsa beams. Foam board is great, nice and quick to sculpt so great for experimenting with because there's minimum time invested in stuff that get binned. If stripping and (brush) painting one side, it can curl on larger pieces, the paving below was just starting to curl so use that as guide to how big you can go before having to stabilise it.
    Name:  2016-09-16 22.01.20.jpg
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    I'm 'brush only' (got an airbrush, but very limited work space, cleanup time and my utterly crap results means it's not been out in years) but find that thin coats plus larger brushes (like 1 inch DIY brush) can give good fast results on foam board (it's probably slapping on these thin coats that causes the warping). I'm guessing you've also discovered what a great duo foam board and a hot glue gun are.

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    Oh gotcha. Yeah I’m new with the airbrush and still suck with it, but i’ll get it eventually. Yeah i use some mondo brushes for my terrain attempts. Haven’t done a lot yet with terrain. I had some warping problems, but was able to roll a few edges on some sheet metal and put that below my foam board. Adds a lot of weight since i used a thicker gauge metal but i like the weight for that size of board.

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    That base is dope too by the way

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    Had a crack at a lizard skin texture on a couple of Tony's legs, wasn't sure how it would look painted so tried a green/yellow effect based on the lizard skin example image that I posted a while back. Didn't go well but I pushed on despite getting increasing pissed with it... which was a bad move! At the risk of sounding like a petulant child, it looks crap and I fucking hate it!! (no photo because it's jsut too gopping and I'm ashamed of it!)

    Right now Tony and I need some time apart (official statement is 'a temporary break due to artistic differences') so I'm going to take a few days holiday in Navezgane, fixing my holiday home up, doing a spot of gardening, and kiiling zombies (7 Days To Die). On my return I'll probably take a detour to repair a zombie dragon that lost a fight with my cat. The (currently detached) dragon's wings are larger versions of Tony's and I really fancy applying the 'dry glazing' techniques to a larger figure (plus it's a green dragon so I'll get a break from Frozen).

    Right then zombies, come and get some!!

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    I feel your pain man. That shit sucks. I feel like miley cyrus sometimes when i’m painting or like a lumberjack in the woods and that includes color choice too. That sounds like a nice change of pace to mix it up.

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    So after a fresh look I think the lizard skin effect can best be described as 'yellow with green polka-dot clown trousers'. That plus the Frozen wings... I probably could've puked a more co-ordinated pallette! I will take photos when feeling less raw, and able to see the funny side (it IS funny!). Is there a 'heroic failures' thread anywhere on CMoN, sounds like a good place for my 'talents'.

    Diorama idea:
    Tony stepping out of his flying sourcer, and saying to the shocked natives "Take me to your tailor! (please)".

    In the meantime, my 7 Days To Die log cabin is looking much better now (upgraded to re-inforced concrete... that should keep the buggers out!).

    Happy painting!

    Think my problem might an entrenched millitary modellers approach to colour theory, namely 'paint it green'...

    This is a decoration on my office desk that makes me feel better about stupic clown trousers
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    Haha! I feel your pain Doc. If you find the epic failures tab let me know as I have quite a few entries that may be able to take the gold. I think i have the same approach to painting. I can’t get away from green for aome reason lol. That tank looks great!

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