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    Question NMM Suggestions/Criticism

    I recently tackled NMM for the first time, and I'm looking for feedback on what I can do better at going forward.

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    Any suggestions would be most welcome!

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    can't really criticise it. Looks pretty great. Only the blade of the first figure I'm not really sold. The armor and the 2nd figure are great.

    depending on what you want I'd say you can remain doing nmm like this. I know I'd be happy getting figures painted to this standard.

    If you want to add extra to it:
    - have smaller reflections too (viable on larger surfaces, not on every small little bit)
    - have all reflections have some of the surrounding colors (for example on the 2nd sword-blade: yellowish because of the off-white clothes going orange-brown because of the gold, going brown/green because of the ground)
    - Sky-Earth variant if you like how it looks.
    - Shinier surfaces (darker in dark parts, lighter in light and faster transition
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    MAXXxxx has pretty much summed it up but I just wanted to reiterate how important it is for tighter highlights, especially on shiny armour. Also different metals will have different properties. There isn’t a one size fits all rate of transition between shades and highlights. Metals don’t have the same transition rate as fabrics or skin etc. Transitions on your blade are similar to your armour. Take a look at the figures of the NMM greats here. AndyG is brilliant and his WIP thread is worth checking out. So is Hooy. My memory is rubbish but I’m sure others could chime in with a few more names.What you are already doing is fantastic. I too would be very happy if I’d commissioned your work.

    Edit : I don’t normally like to plug manufacturers or their products but AK Interactive have two books in their learning series dedicated to painting metals. It covers both theory, finished examples and many step by step examples. While it may not be NMM it gives you a good idea as to where to place your paints.
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    You forgot Tommie Soule
    Some examples:

    Fluisterwood's WIP is also worth checking out. http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/...m-the-dead-WIP
    That metal he painted.... and it's not even finished yet.

    In the 2nd AKI book there is a chapter or two for NMM.
    That said, the AKI books are not that great. They have great pictures, some color recipes, but very little explanation (not only the metal ones, but the flesh,military ones too)
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    I appreciate those links. I'll definitely look to those for inspiration. My biggest struggle is where to put the highlights and shadows especially when the geometry gets weird.

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