Custom Card Builder update by DECAR (Posted by his request)
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Thread: Custom Card Builder update by DECAR (Posted by his request)

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    Lightbulb Custom Card Builder update by DECAR (Posted by his request)

    Decar is having some issues getting into his account so he asked me to post this here:

    I've had chance to update the Rivet Wars Card Builder.

    It's nice to look over some code I wrote back in 2014!

    • Added Ruska Banner to the unit Cards
    • Added full support for UTF-8 Fonts

    When the Card Builder launched, I had several issues with the European release. Romanic languages (for example: French, Spanish and Italian) use a great number of accents, graphs, acutes and circumflexes. Similarly, German has umlauts over most vowels. Unfortunately, the original fonts used to make all the Rivet Wars tiles never includes all these variations on common letters.

    To resolve the issue, I quite literally went to the drawing board and drew plenty of dashes and other bits and pieces for these common letters and rebuilt the font files where these are used.

    Last week however, I was asked to support Cyrillic (aka Russian). Well beyond my artistic skills, I've decided to add an option to an alternative mono-spaced font that supports UTF-8 fully. I think the results are quite good, though not perfect. So if you find some characters not rendering, give that option a try.

    Always happy to receive feedback.

    PS: could someone post on the CMON forum, I had a request from there recently, but I can no longer log into my old account

    Things left to do:
    • Support for the new cost models found on Ruksa units, for example: "DPs OR Rivets"

    Super excited. Keep up the amazing work DECAR. Glad to see your talents are still with us in the Rivet Wars community.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    Oh that is a fantastic thing. Will use the hell out of this.

    Now to maybe get some Ruska units too!

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