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    I've been trying to make a wet palette using an old ice cream container, some Tesco greaseproof baking paper, kitchen roll and water. I followed Youtube instructions but I think the paper is letting too much water through. My paint keeps over-diluting and separating.

    Any tips on what paper to use? I am in the UK.

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    Parchment paper i believe. Pretty sure, but my memory is gone

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    Before I bought myself a proper wet palette I too used an old plastic plate, kitchen roll towels and baking paper. I’m not sure if it’s greaseproof paper or something different. Never had issues with water penetrating the paper, even after several weeks. The trade name is Glad baking paper. I live in Australia but I know it’s sold in other countries.

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    Maybe using too much water in the bottom? And some of the cheaper Baking papers might not work as well (or at least that is what I have heard). I usually use Reynolds Baking paper, but not sure how easy that is to get in the UK

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    You might be right about the cheaper baking papers ekipage. I know the one I used was one of the more expensive papers. Not only did it last for weeks, I could literally have it floating on a thin layer of water without a drop penetrating through. Really good for hot, dry days as the paper would feel like it was freezing.

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