What metallic paints are best?
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Thread: What metallic paints are best?

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    Default What metallic paints are best?

    I am new to painting miniatures and I just finished the Beelphegor figure. I used Vallejo model color for metallics but found them really hard to use. I just couldn't get a smooth finnish at all. What metallics are you guys using on your minis?


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    Scale 75 makes some nice metallics, and Vallejo (not the model color line though) look up these ones: https://acrylicosvallejo.com/en/cate...etal-color-en/

    The last figure on my WIP page I did the armor bits using a darker aluminum from the Vallejo Metal color paints: http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/...228#post878228
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    Great, thank you! I will try those next time

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    It depends on what you want to use them for. For historical or fantasy figures Printer’s Inks give a nice finish although I’ve been starting to use the Abteilung 502 metallics as well as the AK Interactive True Metals which aren’t oil paint but more of a wax but they can be thinned and painted by brush. Vallejo alcohol based metal are wonderful but being alcohol based you can’t put your acrylic washes over them. I tend to just use them for clean armour or as finishing touches. I’m too lazy to varnish. Some figure painters are beginning to use airbrush metallics like Alclad that military modellers and car modellers have used for ages. Personally I don’t like them because to me they aren’t worth the hassle with constantly cleaning my airbrush. My latest great product is Lumiere metallics...especially the golds. You will find them in mainly art stores but they are worth it and you can get sample packs with dropper style bottles. The selling point for me is the coverage they give and are brilliant for thin filigree work.
    For your average miniature I really like the Vallejo Air metallics that look great when applied by brush. The mica is ground so fine there is no real grain to the paint.

    If none of those suggestions suit you then look through some of the military or just plain hobby online stores for more ideas.

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    @bullfrog, the Vallejo Metal Colors are not alcohol based (at least the ones I put the link up for are not the alcohol ones). Hmm, will have to try the Lumiere ones, although all I have seen in a store around me is the pigment powder and not the actual paints.

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    Thank you for all the info on this. Some of these I had never even heard of. I will have to give them a try and see if there's a chance I can get my metals to look better

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    @ekipage......I wasn’t talking about the Vallejo Metal Colours. There are alcohol based metallics by them too. They aren’t new products and I tend to find them in overseas online modelling or art stores now. I get my Lumiere paints from an eBay store. You can get 70ml bottles too but they are screw tops. I will try to remember to give you some store names. If you both want to check out how they paint watch Shoshi paints Queen of Hearts. I think it’s in part two but don’t quote me on that. They are vids of her live twitch feeds so fast forward it to five minutes so it’s after her intro song. If you haven’t heard of her, she is a brilliant painter. Her queen of hearts is every bit as good as Kimera’s box art.

    Edit : I just checked the bottles on the Vally metals and they are called Liquid Metals.
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    scale and warcolors cant be beat in my books. vallejo model air is good but they can actually separate and rot over time.
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