+Vickas WIP+ Mostly 40k (Tau,Dkok and other)
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Thread: +Vickas WIP+ Mostly 40k (Tau,Dkok and other)

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    Default +Vickas WIP+ Mostly 40k (Tau,Dkok and other)

    So this will be like a blog of some sort just to keep me going and have some reason to do all this...

    Some projects! (that will probably never be finished...)
    Tau - Not a Tau fan but love some of the mech. KV128 Stormsung On the table right now: Converted KV128 and a XV95
    Dkok - I have always wanted an army of Death Korps, but I'm not much of a painter so this will be a pain... On the table right now: 25 Dkok infantry but some deathriders a Leman russ and more infantry on the way!
    Death Guard - My children of decay! Converted, not so bloatedand and more Pre than post heresy... but still traitors... This project have been on and off for years. On the table right now: around 20 DG need paint and som touch ups.
    The Battlefield - A small kill team or like 500pts size battlefield. Have everything to finish it just need to do it....

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    First, welcome!
    Then... your board is AWESOME! Get that bad boy done. Great execution of a concept.

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    Echoing that, really great job on the game/diorama board

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    Muddy or dusty wooden trenches will look awesome with your DKoK army so I’m looking forward to your progress. A few of your Tau pics look rather ‘unfortunate’. Have a look at the area between the legs. Thank you for the giggle.

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