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    I kinda screwed up on the banner, making it darker than intended. I may have to go back and try to fix it.

    On the plus side, I added a dry brush of a light skin tone and a second coat of flesh wash to the colors used on my Roose Bolton cloak, and I like this much better. So I will likely go back and add the same to him now.

    Name:  2B8574C7-B417-4D85-986F-250F88866728.jpg
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    Name:  9CE80CFB-C32C-4D97-80EB-FFD7BCF45BE2.jpg
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    House - Ravenhurst
    Sigil - Black raven on a copper field, clutching paintbrushes
    Words - “We do not Highlight”

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    Great job! I love these models. I went way to silver on my armor, I need to go back and darken it up.

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