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    A few days ago I bought the Free Folk starter se and 2 Spearwives. Now I am thnking about a 40p armylist. Does anyone has any good ideas what to use?

    Faction: Free Folk
    Commander: Tormund Giantsbane - Thunderfist
    Points: 40 (0 Neutral)

    Combat Units:
    • Savage Giant (7)
    • Free Folk Trapper (4)
    with Spearwife Matriarch (1)
    • Free Folk Spearwives (5)
    with Raid Leader (1)
    • Free Folk Spearwives (5)
    with Tormund Giantsbane - Thunderfist (0)
    • Free Folk Raiders (3)
    with Raid Leader (1)
    • Free Folk Raiders (3)

    Non-Combat Units:
    • Craster - Ally of Convenience (3)
    • Lady Val - The Wildling Princess (3)
    • Mance Rayder - Artful Tactician (4)

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    That's a lot of NCUs. I usually approach Free Folk with the idea that they must outnumber the foe on the battlefield, although this list might bring alot of flexibility. A slight variant would be to remove Mance and Craster (or Val) to get a second Giant. The free folk are highly vulnerable to the crown zone, so you'll want to hog this with so few units.

    I have usually placed Tormund within a raider unit, because spearwives already get sundering on the charge. I use him to work in tandem with another unit with raid-leader who will charge and then activate Thormund's unit, who will also charge and gain both +1 to hit and sundering.
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