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    Default Cave Dwellers and Tormund

    Until other units are released, it seems that this unit will be the best bet to place Tormund in.

    At the moment, a raider unit is the best spot, however they are exceptionally fragile to morale and you can loose your general in the blink of an eye (particularily Cercei's eye). This can be problematic because many of Tormund's cards grant bonuses when targeting his own unit. Raiders also have trouble wiping out units, which means that the Overrun ability is seldom used more than once per game.

    Cave Dwellers have great mobility, which gives them an easier time to charge. Tormund loves charges.

    His own attachment ability grants Sundering to the unit when charging.

    In addition to this Cave Dwellers can pick a bonus between +1 to hit for each destroyed ranks, Sundering or Vicious. Obviously, on the turn they charge, they won't need to pick Sundering, but after that it's often a great idea and allow them to counter heavy armor at all times. On their own, they usually want to attack wounded units, but with Sundering on the charge and vicious, that gives them great offense against almost any unit, even if at max ranks.

    The only time that there would be redundancy is if you're charging a unit on its last rank. Still, i don't think it's an issue because doing 4 wounds with the Cave Dwellers won't be hard with 2+ to hit, Sundering and Vicious...and then there's the threat of Tormund's Overrun

    Lastly, they have superb morale (Umber berserker levels of awesome). This means they are not vulnerable to panic and morale effect as much as other units.

    Granted, they have abysmal defense, but with their speed, morale and the numbers available to the Free Folk, i don't see any better unit to put our charismatic brute in.
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