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Thread: Song of Ice and Fire Lannister Halberds

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    Default Song of Ice and Fire Lannister Halberds

    One of my favorite units to paint thus far has been the Lannister hablerds!

    I made them the subject of a 5 part painting tutorial series, because I wanted to demonstrate how to tackle Sky-Earth Non Metallic Metals on an entire unit.

    The first episode dives into the basing, and how that was integrated into the movement tray. I move on to a color test figure, and then the rest of the unit. The series is available to my Patrons who pledge to the Army Painting level.

    Here's a blog post that goes into more detail:
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    Great job on the non metallic metal! These look fantastic. I love the look of this unit as they are really cool models.

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    Thanks so much! I have a unit of the Mountain's Men on the way done in a similar manner... and the Knights of Casterly Rock as well. :-)

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    Looking forward to seeing them. I shared these with my friend, who will be painting our Lannister units. Very impressive!!
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    Much appreciated! Tomorrow I will post up some of the Free Folk minis! :-)

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