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    Just got my giant boxes of Hate stuff. First off, I'm presuming spray primer is okay to use on the figures, is this correct?

    And second, unpainted, each figure in a tribe is uniquely identified by a base color which matches a color on their card. The problem comes up, though, if the bases are painted, obviously there would be no match. Any creative ideas for how to handle this from anyone? I could leave the bottom of the base unpainted but I'm looking for something fun, that also wouldn't require lifting the figure and also fit in their grim world (for example, not looking for light blue body paint on one figure from each tribe )

    Any suggestions would be great! Thank you.

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    spray primer is ok.

    some ideas on the tribes:
    - paint the side of the base to the color
    - paint the figure's clothes to the color
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Or paint a detail that is repeated over each base each colour. A blue or purple etc skull or pile of skulls would look good. Maybe even OSL in each colour emanating from eyes or another detail. With my Warmahordes crap I painted half of the side of each black bases in the faction colours.

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    Thank you for the suggestions.

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