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    Default The Mountain's Men test figure

    Here's a color test figure for the Mountain's Men unit, which is another upcoming tutorial series!

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    Wow, I love the dirty tan color you used in the banner. I would not have thought to got that rout with it. Fantastic base work as well! I need to make time to go on some walks to find some bark and sticks to help up my base quality!

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    Thanks so much! I think our new catch phrase is that "nothing replicates nature better than nature!" :-) And it is usually something that you are stepping on or tripping over anyway!

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    Slightly in love with (and jealous of) the armour you've achieved there. Is that NMM? The banner really pops as well, if I manage to get close to something that good with mine I'll be a very happy man indeed!

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    Thanks so much!

    Yes, that is my NMM... with the patented "greens and purples mixed together make gray" concept. I am going to be filming a series on that unit in just a few days... I am doing the basing right now. When I do my YouTube live sessions, I use that figure as an example of a few types of contrast. I actually make the screen black and white, so that you can see how there is still plenty of light vs dark contrast, but now you have all kinds of nifty color contrast as well! Here's an example:

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