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    Posting for C&C for better improvement. Currently wip. Bases need to be added, decals also... but well at this moment this is what I can only achieve...
    suggestions how to improve? Also takes so much time....Iám terribly slow...

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    Hi trikzter,

    welcome on the forum.

    There are two main ideas coming into my mind:

    You can add some global lighting, using feathering to darken all the lower parts. Should be fast after a little bit of practicing.

    Other is to use more edge highlight color, like on the GW videos, add some intermediate but wider edge highlight, then can come the lighter but narrower, more sparingly used one.

    Furthermore you can experiment with dark brown and black washes, especially on your metallics, and add some cleaner metallic edge highlight to them, too.

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    On closer inspection I was impressed with how clean your painting is. The ork faces are fantastic! It looks like you edge highlighted with pink? Maybe try red-orange instead?

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    Thank you very much for all your comments!! really appreciate this!
    yes, the edge highlitghts are pink. Tryed to find smoother colour but I agree that red-orange maybe would be better

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    Looks good so far! I would say to add a shade or some darker tone to those "white socks".

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    lol, now that eki pointed them out; those socks are pretty white. It would be cool to see a texture implied on them, as generally, sport or "crew" socks have a defining feature of the vertical lines and a colored band.

    For what it's worth, I think that although painted really well, the lack of variation of surface textures makes them appear very "plastic." As with the socks, if you could find a way to introduce the notion of differing materials through texture, the models would become more interesting. Technical application of the paint is awesome. Color palette is there. Highlights are way better than my caffeinated hands can do. I just think they appear, for the lack of a better word, "plastic".

    Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing what else you have going on.

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    Thank you all for comments I really appreciate this!

    Finished whole team at this moment (yea, white socks still but I think will change them)

    what is your oppinion ?

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