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    Default Knights of Casterly Rock

    This was a color test figure for my Casterly Rock Knights, which will be part of my Adepticon tournament army.

    Here's a link to the blog post with more images:

    And to the latest YouTube video tutorial of another unit that I am painting for Adepticon:

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    I have been procrastinating about painting my Lannister stuff. All the gold detailing is scaring me off causing me to paint models that look like they can be finished faster.

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    I thought the same thing before painting the Lannister heroes, but was surprised by how quickly it actually went once I did them. Of course that may be different when painting a whole unit of troops...
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    I have really been enjoying working on those shiny Lannisters! I created a tutorial series around this unit of halberdiers. It was about 12 hours of painting and basing:
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    Just when I was about to summon the confidence to paint my knights of casterly rock... Those really are disgustingly good lol. I wish I was anywhere near good enough at freehand to attempt the tiniest proportion of what you've done there. Simply beautiful, great job! Really glad you shared these on here.

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    Thanks for the kind words! I will be filming a tutorial on those, just like the series I did for the Halberds. I try to break down crazy stuff like the freehand into something more manageable :-)

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