Hi all,

I have got my first tournament and wanted some feedback on my army so far. The units I have available are the starter set plus the heroes set. I am happy to see if I can get my hands on something else if it will really help me win a few rounds. The points for an army are 35 and this is what I have so far:


Cersei Lanister
Tyrion Lannister (the imp)


Mountains Men with The Mountain (C)
Lannister Halberdiers
Lannister Guardsmen with Jame Lannister
Lannister Guardsmen with The Hound

This does take me over the 35 point cap by 2 points which is leading me towards removing one of the named characters and leaving it with 3 NCU, let me know your thoughts.

I just need to pick some tactics cards if there are any you guys feel I should add?