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    I didn't know if to put this question here or in the painting section, but I guess it's a rules question;

    With a unit like Grey Wind, is there any reason not to attach the miniature to the square tray, seeing as the square tray would be removed as the mini is removed? I'd like to make an elaborate base for him, and have it be one entire base instead of two bases, but I don't want to break any rules.

    Thanks in advance.
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    the only reason I could think of would be a storage issue

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    Remember to upload your pictures on the painting section later!

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    Can you please just answer the pivot topic and end that thread please! So I can share it on Facebook and my gaming community in Lebanon.
    Please .
    I'm not being a douche bag. Really we are 13 players in Lebanon and we are divided on this and on Facebook there are more who are divided on this. I completely understand that you may think it's answered but many (including myself do not feel that this is the case)
    Please just let us know the answer for that specific question
    This is the thread! We actually are not playing until this is resolved!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neo CMON View Post
    Remember to upload your pictures on the painting section later!
    Uploaded them in the thread, here;

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purple hyena View Post
    I'm not being a douche bag.
    Yes, you quite are. You have been given specific answers in every medium you have asked, been shown examples, had the rules and FAQ cited to you, and absolutely ignored all of it because you want a direct answer "from a designer" because of course everyone else is wrong but you, to the point you are now posting on random threads demanding answers.

    How is this not being a complete douche bag, exactly?

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    Bugger off troll. And I'm not the only one.

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    Replied! I hope it helps! =)

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    Thanks , it does help.
    We can now end the discussion.

    If you worded it "pivot through" it would have ended all our confusion must faster. Thank you

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    Some contents of this thread have been reported for rudeness and Trollish behaviour.

    Behave with respect towards one another and take into account that some people’s first language is not English, which could be a factor in the confusion.

    One commentator has been flagged for bad manners on several occasions before, this has now resulted in a 30 day suspension of their account.
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    wait, how did thorne get banned and not the guy derailing every single thread with unrelated questions??

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    I thought the same thing at first. However, it’s likely the track record that did it. While I appreciate his contributions, Thorne has a tendency to come across much like his namesake from the books.

    That being said, while the approach could use some work, he often says things I know others on here are probably thinking.

    I do look forward to his return, as his answers and insights regarding rules are almost always spot on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daboarder View Post
    wait, how did thorne get banned and not the guy derailing every single thread with unrelated questions??
    "Every single thread?"
    Just one mate.
    It was not a nice thing I agree. It's the first time I do such a thing and yes it was that important.
    I needed to get the attention of either Micheal or neo cmon.
    In hind sight perhaps it would have been better to send them a PM and be done with it.
    But that option didn't cross my mind.
    Also my gaming group in Lebanon stopped playing the game in Beirut, until it's sorted.
    It was a big issue for us.
    Now it's sorted.

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    For you perhaps and your group, for the rest of us it was not.
    Its relative.

    However, derailing threads, thats rude and an issue to the here and now and everyone on the forums. Youve gotten your answer but I hope you dont make a habit of this kind of behaviour in the future, it would make this place unpleasant.

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    Yeah, next time with something this bad, I'll pm them.

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