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    Default Back to it! Be brutal.

    Hi everyone, after a little break from painting, I am back and pushing myself to try new techniques.

    On the mini below, done in 3 hours in 1 evening, I did the following new techniques (for me anyways):

    - Zenithal priming
    - Glazing (nothing but glazes)
    - NMM
    - Tons of work on the face

    I honestly think it's my best work so far, really happy with it

    Just need to re-work the eyes a bit.

    Name:  GW Barbarian 1.jpg
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Size:  126.4 KB Name:  GW Barbarian 2.jpg
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    Compared to my first dudes 2 years ago, definitely some improvement

    Name:  IMG_1578.JPG
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Size:  47.1 KB Name:  IMG_1572.JPG
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    I have been a lurker mostly, so thanks for everyone's inspiring work!

    What do you guys think?
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