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    Thanks, the 'ghoul' thing is the Mourngoul.

    I think the ghosts turned out pretty nicely as well. Its so satisfying to see the blend and highlights happenening so easily, with a brush I would take 10 times longer and achieve crappy results.

    Airbrushing just rocks. Now I just have to find a place to store the whole equipment properly...

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    Worked on the Blackstone Fortress Robot UR-25, almost finished, need to base him and weather the weapon . Not sure what else to do on this guy. I did zenithal highlights with my new airbrush and went at it with glazes

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    Then I started working a my first Death Guard marine, also put the base coats with my airbrush, but I feel the overall colors lack contrast. It even got worse when I added a wash this morning (not pictured) and made it even darker (used agrax) Will need to rethink the whole process and colors... tonight i'll add all the rust and details.

    Also had issues with the airbrush 'spitting' my white vallejo primer. I don't understand if the paint is too think, pressure is too high, paint is too thick... just gave me these white speckles on the cloak, but most will be covered by the backpack later.

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    And I think I finally got a way to take decent pictures with my phone, just using the spray both and putting a foam insert in the back. Lights are decent I think.

    Let me know what you think
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    Also finished basic the spooky boys and took a better pic

    Name:  IMG_E0187.JPG
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    Really effective ghosties! Good work

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    agree the spooky boys look really nice! The DG old armor was a off white color, so you could always add a panel or two of that to change it up some. Might help break up all the green.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alexz3 View Post
    Will need to rethink the whole process and colors...
    Did you consider using Vallejo chipping medium and oil point washes (small dots of oil paint on the chipped underlying area, dragged down by brush dampened with oil thinner)?

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    Nope I did not. I washed the whole armor down and started doing the rust parts, but the armor is alot darker now, will try to grab some pics tonight. I'll try with a mush brigther version next and see which one I like best.

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    The good thing with the oil wash is that you can remove almost all of it from the surface, definitely better for this task than GW wash.
    Furthermore it has lower viscosity than water, more willing to flow into the recesses.

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