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    One question regarding her ability. It says: before deployment, select one eneny unit. Does it refer to the deployment of all the army or just the deployment of brienne's unit?

    If I am correct I think is before brienne's unit. For example the players begin to deploy the units and when I decide to deploy brienne, before that I choose the enemy unit


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    It is before deployment of ALL units, not just Brienne's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alliser Thorne View Post
    It is before deployment of ALL units, not just Brienne's.
    Is this confirmed? That's how we've played it, but I'm curious as the opponent just deploys as far away from Brienne's unit as possible and they never get to take advantage of the ability.

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    It does say before deployment, So as there are no other rules to say otherwise it's before any units are deployed. Yes the target unit can stay away from her but you can make use of that by deploying her near a position you don't want enemy unit to go, maybe select a fast unit from rushing the board to claim an important objective? You never see her on table though.

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    It is before any unit is deployed.

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    Thanks for that answer - I was using Brienne for the first time yesterday and used her correctly it appears!

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