Rover Miniatures; Anyone purchase from them?
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Thread: Rover Miniatures; Anyone purchase from them?

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    Default Rover Miniatures; Anyone purchase from them?

    Looking at the prices, I'm thinking that it's too good to be true (I don't want to buy recast). However, I love their variety of suppliers/models.

    Almost pulled the trigger on a $200 order, but when the cart sent me to a Ukraine site, red alarms went off in my head.

    Anyone here previously done business with them? Can anyone recommend another site that has as much variety?
    I'm looking more into the larger scale fantasy/medieval models.

    PM me, if posting vendors/sites might ruffle some feathers.

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    I’ve tried to do some research.
    There does seem to be a few ‘iffy’ figures in their line up.
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    they are recasts (based on ukraine + price) so if it bothers you than they are not the vendor for you.
    But some of the figures are oop, so you may not have any other way of getting them. (personally I buy figures from the creator first, distributors second, but if it's oop (will never be made again by the creator) and I really want it, then recasts it is)

    - el greco miniatures (all legit, uk based, good selection)
    - berliner zinnfiguren (legit, german, good selection, you only have to pay when the whole package is ready for shipping)
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    Thank you for the response, Dragon.

    As there hasn't been any feedback about this vendor, I've decided to steer clear, and shop at other merchants.

    Max, thanks for chiming in...I've been looking at the alternatives you mentioned. The lack of security on their(Rover) site, and the pop-up to a Ukrainian only site to complete my payment just took me way outside my comfort zone.

    Concerning vendor sites...maybe it's the spoiled american in me, but I really prefer to have as many options available to me through one vendor; makes selection and the shopping experience easier. Undoubtedly, I'll place an order, than the next day I'll find another model produced by a different manufacturer that I would have purchased instead of the one I "settled" on when I ordered. Lol Maybe the solution is to buy them all?
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    yeah they are convenient.
    Then again I quite often buy busts/75mm+ figures that are limited and I buy as soon as possible from the creator.
    Or I buy from the creator to support him/her 100% and not someone inbetween. (for example mirico minis, Pedro Fernandez, Luxumbra, KD, FeR)
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