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    A WIP shot of a commision I have to do two Alpha legion style leviathan dreadnoughts. I'm going for a NMM feel to the base colours. Not sure it relaly dhows at it's best in the photos. I really need to invest time into a photo booth setup.

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    Such a great, ultra posable model. Look forward to seeing the updates.

    Re photos - I just use my 3 point painting daylight lamp set up and it works ok for basic posts on here with a smartphone and a printed A3 backdrop. Would like to get a decent set up as well though at some point.

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    Hey, welcome aboard! Looks like you are off to a good start; it will be exciting to see where you take your piece.

    Here's a link that someone shared with me (I'm still working on the photography thing myself), that may help get you a low cost solution.

    Ikea has their swivel lamps for about $10 each, and then you can get bulbs from your local big box retailer. Also, the clear bucket is no longer listed on Ikea's website, but I found an inexpensive hanging lamp that had a huge plastic shade for under $20.

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