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    Hi All

    I think im over thinking this - Can you play / use a token at the tme it is assigned.
    Some card tokens maybe obvious when you ca use them but how about cards like - Hear Me Roar - Enemy suffers -1 to panic roll and additional -1 per destroyed rank -
    Also if you control the Crown they also become paniced...

    Can you use the panic Token on this test or is it intened as a bonus you apply after the test and so is not used at the same tie a the card play?


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    In that instance you can use the Panic Token for that test.

    I'll have a look and see if there are instances where you couldn't.

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    Hi Thats interesting - I was not sure, this may throw into question other things I thought I understood

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    Yes, you can use it immediately and it's awesome. I like to shout HEAR ME ROAR when I do it.

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    So I'm I correct in assuming that generally if a card would also apply a token, that you can use the effect of the token if its applicable to the card action at the same ?

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    I would be careful using the words you are using.

    I would NOT say that you can assume that if a card grants a token that the token may be spent during the effect of the card.

    It is ALL based on the cards individual wording. If the card is worded in such a manner that you may use the granted token, then you can. If the card is worded that you can't, well... then you can't.

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