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    Hi All

    I think im over thinking this - Can you play / use a token at the tme it is assigned.
    Some card tokens maybe obvious when you ca use them but how about cards like - Hear Me Roar - Enemy suffers -1 to panic roll and additional -1 per destroyed rank -
    Also if you control the Crown they also become paniced...

    Can you use the panic Token on this test or is it intened as a bonus you apply after the test and so is not used at the same tie a the card play?


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    In that instance you can use the Panic Token for that test.

    I'll have a look and see if there are instances where you couldn't.

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    Hi Thats interesting - I was not sure, this may throw into question other things I thought I understood

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    Yes, you can use it immediately and it's awesome. I like to shout HEAR ME ROAR when I do it.

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    So I'm I correct in assuming that generally if a card would also apply a token, that you can use the effect of the token if its applicable to the card action at the same ?

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    I would be careful using the words you are using.

    I would NOT say that you can assume that if a card grants a token that the token may be spent during the effect of the card.

    It is ALL based on the cards individual wording. If the card is worded in such a manner that you may use the granted token, then you can. If the card is worded that you can't, well... then you can't.

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    Hi Many thanksfor your reply - My problem is re the wording - the end statement of the card effectre applying the Panic Token does not seem obvious that you could use this atthe same time the card is played, and other cards are similar - the wording"Also if you control the Crown they also become panicked"... IMOcould be applied as well as or after the fact of the other card effect beingplayed, depending on the interpretation applied?

    Hear Me Roar - Enemy suffers -1 to panic roll and additional -1 per destroyedrank -
    Also if you control the Crown they also become panicked...

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    If you look at the wording on the card the second paragraph uses the word 'also', which means 'in addition to'. So you treat everything on the card as happening simultaneously.

    Name:  HouseLannister1.jpg
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    Now compare this to the wording on one of Joffrey's cards. It's not a similar action so is not a direct comparison, but in this instance it tells the player to do something 'after...'. So you do the first paragraph and then the second after that.

    Name:  hl-joffrey-baratheon-fohn-t2.jpg
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    Hopefully this clears up the confusion for you.

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    Hi Dean
    Yes I accept your 1st point, at the time of reading the card asI said was probably overthinking the application of the 2nd paragraph.

    Re your Joffreycard example its interesting that in the 1st paragraph they don’t includethe clarification that the effect and token can be applied to the same unit asthy have in the 2nd paragraph?

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    Perhaps because it's an unusual senario where you allow the opponent to choose two units.
    You might feel entitled that your opponent cant choose both.
    I think they did it from a human psychological point of view and not because wording matters. Just to avoid possible negative situations .

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