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    Any suggestions you would like to add list below.

    Only one I really have is that I would like to see tabs for all factions when making lists so I can sort through them easier. I own all but Free Folk and the list is getting very long to have to sift through when I am looking for lists since they are all on the same list.

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    You know what they could add that would kick ass? A "for beginners" button on the main screen that'd have tutorial videos and suggested starting army lists for all of the faction starters.

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    1. A way to access your tactics cards along with your commanders FROM the army you're looking at! It's kind of a pain to have to flip back and forth between armies and tactics cards section when building an army.

    2.Lannister's seem to be allowed to add kingsguard to any army without joffrey.

    3.1 A way to set up a game through the app with you and your chosen opponents army so that both armies unit cards can be observed at a glance. The FAQ's have made it harder to use physical unit cards.

    3.2 if a game set up feature is developed, then it would be cool to have the game mode accessible and even a step further to make rolls for turn starts and processes (terrain set up, deployment)

    3.3 for the set up game feature, make it more involved like make your tactics cards, random missions, and even sideboard played through the app.

    You guys have an awesome app and if you're looking for inspiration I would suggest looking as wyrds malifaux app
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