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    I told my buddy/dm that I was bored and I wanted something to build. I usually make terrain but some times pretty large minis or kit bash to make some small(normal) size characters(You can see my unfinished infinity rpg character and my D&D character that needs to be based and painted). I was figuring he'd say like some town pieces or ruins or something, but no he asked me to make a Peryton. I didn't even know what that was lol. Anyways here is my slow progress. I decided to make it mostly from scratch. This is my second time trying to sculpt a model. You can see some reaper bones parts(wings & green stuff head made from a mold). I plan on completely covering the head in green stuff and just using the cast as a base. I think it need to be a little bigger. Also I am going to be making a mold for the wings because I want them bent in the middle. I have the basic shape down and now I need to cover the whole thing is green stuff. yay :P I think it's a bit bigger than it's supposed to be but I might end up making a smaller one just kit bashing. We'll see. Anyways let me know what you think. Mostly posting this to force myself to finish since I've been trying to finish this thing since December.
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