Varnish before Highlighting?
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Thread: Varnish before Highlighting?

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    Question Varnish before Highlighting?

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but I only recently got into painting. I am looking to get a better understanding of the correct order for painting your minis and protecting them. I am confused as to the protecting/highlighting portions. What is the proper order?

    -Gloss Varnish + Matte Varnish (this can possibly be before washing as well)
    -Touch ups/re-apply glossy areas

    Is this correct? Or do you typically only varnish at the very end after highlighting?

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    - prepare, prime, base, darken/highlight (wash, hl, drybrush, whatever), varnish if you want to protect it (gloss then matt if stronger protection is required).
    So normally you only varnish at the end.

    but going with prime-base-darken-varnish-hl-varnish is not that bad. Fixing the paintjob during the process is extra unneeded work, but is not a crime.
    And there are some techniques, where it's a good idea to do it(like for oil washes before applying it and removing the unneeded amount with a solvent, or even when applying transfers)

    That said a lot more can be left out and still getting a good paintjob, like: no priming, no wash or hl (just start from a dark color and just HL or start from light color and just wash), no varnish (more prone to chipping/damage)
    Forgot, that it works again.

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