just got my ork boyz
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Thread: just got my ork boyz

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    Default just got my ork boyz

    There are so many different pieces! Im new to painting but have quickly fell hard I love it. Finished two ultramarines and have learned so much. Still so much to learn. Does it matter how I assemble these boyz? Just going to get to work. Please any criticism is appreciated I want to get really good.
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    They look great, and no you can assemble them any way you like...
    My tip is just keep painting, the more you do it the better you become... it won’t happen over night but it will happen

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    Thank you. Just finished my first one
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    Great job-keep going !!!

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    Thank you guys hopefully today il have time to work at another one

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    There's nothing better than Greenskinz :-)

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