First time painter: knights of Dol Amroth
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Thread: First time painter: knights of Dol Amroth

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    Default First time painter: knights of Dol Amroth

    Hi, I'd love to get results similar to official GW in terms of color: which blues should I use?

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    Should be on the box (at least most of it) if you have the box. Otherwise, if you are using GW paints it would be Kantor blue, Drakenhof Nightshade, Alaitoc Blue, Heoth Blue, Etherium Blue and Guillaman Blue glaze

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    It's not on the box, they sent them in a generic middle earth sbg box. Anyway, thank you.

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    No problem. You also might want to search GW's youtube channel as they may have a demo of them painting them which would list out all the paints used, if you haven't already. Additionally, if you go to GW's site and select the models it usually tells you the primary colors used at the bottom of the page for that model. I think it says recommended paints or something similar and shows all the paint bottles they want to sell you.

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    Yes, I was already aware of all the resources you listed. Thank you for the help!

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