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    I am from Costa Rica and I bought my Arcadia Quest and Fire Dragon and Chaos Dragon expansions from Amazon US. I got Dragons expansions yesterday and I decided to paint the Fire Dragon since I love how it was looking without paint. I am still an noob/amateur level for painting but I am improving my skill and learning new technics with each painted figure.

    Here are couple of photos during the paint process

    Name:  Fire Dragon - In Progress (2).jpg
Views: 858
Size:  808.7 KBName:  Fire Dragon - In Progress (1).jpg
Views: 761
Size:  797.7 KB

    Then at night I continued working to paint the front of the Dragon

    Name:  Fire Dragon - Final Photo 2.jpg
Views: 718
Size:  110.9 KBName:  Fire Dragon - Final Photo.jpg
Views: 702
Size:  128.4 KB

    Here is the final version for this Fire Dragon

    Name:  Fire Dragon - Final Photo 3 (2).jpg
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Size:  767.0 KB

    In addition here is a short video I recorded
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    Here Poison Dragon without any paint

    Name:  Poison Dragon - Arcadia Quest.jpg
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Size:  649.9 KB

    Here is the painted version

    Name:  Poison Dragon Painted Final Version.jpg
Views: 558
Size:  1.10 MB

    In addition, here is a small video about how it looks like

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