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    Warrior's Sons can gain faith tokens from passing morale tests.

    They can spend a token to add +1 to a melee attack or can gain +1 to defense saves.

    The question is can you use more than 1 token per action, ie can you use 2 at once to say get +2 to your melee attack etc ?

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    Page 23, under Simultaneous Actions;

    "While multiple mandatory effects are resolved in sequence, the player can still only resolve 1 voluntary effect per trigger."

    Page 24, under Ability Stacking;

    "Effects and Abilities with the same name are not
    cumulative: a unit either has the Ability or it does not have the Ability!"
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    ok but it writes "tokenS"

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    I believe the reason they used the plural form (unlike the poor fellow) is because they have 2 occasions to use them.

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