Ral Partha I know of, but like you all said, they are long defunct. Didn't know Iron Winds had picked up their old catalog though. Now I will definitely have to take a look at their site. Sorry though, don't know any stores in Atlanta that has minis as I am not living there. If you are looking for other stuff, I would suggest the following online stores: Competition Miniatures: http://www.competitionminis.com/ (has a brick and mortar store but it is in Maryland), Last Cavalry: http://www.lastcavalry.com/, Reaper: https://www.reapermini.com/ (can get some cheaper figures to practice on, but get the metal or maybe try the new Bones Black the regular bones are kind of meh, but cheap). Googleing powers say, maybe The Final Dungeon in Woodstock, GA?